We’re here.

And the flight went off without a hitch. I even read 7.25 pages of my book while Lucy poured ice from my cup to hers. It was bliss.

But the adventure began when we got OFF the airplane. I reached down to give Lu a little pat on the back as she was being SO good strutting around the airport. But something about that pat felt a little weird…a little squishy…a lot STINKY. Yep, her back and everything she was wearing were covered in poop. And now so was my hand.

Horrified, I realized although I brought a whole slew of “just in case” diapers on that flight, I neglected to bring even a stitch of extra clothing. It was all packed safe and sound in the back of our car with Dave and the other kids…probably by then just barely leaving our house for the long drive.

So after a sponge bath, this is how Lucy emerged from the airport bathroom:Nothing but her diaper, her special stuffed dog, and of course, her crocs.

She made some people smile…and others must have been appalled at my parenting. But boy oh boy was she ever happy. This was even better than a leisure suit. I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t want to show off that physique??

Luckily we at least had a coat in the bottom of our stroller we had deserted when we had made a b-line to the bathroom. She was making quite a fashion statement.

I made her a special outfit out of my mom’s clothes at my parent’s house as we waited for the washing machine to fix her one and only outfit. A long-sleeve shirt with the arms for her pants and a great sweater. Man I think we could bring “Units” back into style.
I personally think the remnants of chocolate chip cookies on her cheeks complete the outfit perfectly.

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  1. Oh Shawni! It seems like I’ve heard you tell a tale like this before! U poor girl…love Lucy walking around the airport in only her crocs and oh yeah, totally forgot about Units! haha…have a great time…

  2. Things like that always happen when I don’t pack an exra outfit. She is so funny, and I would have loved seeing her run around the airport in just her diaper.

  3. that is SO FUNNY!…and i’m sorry. 🙂 there is nothing worse than feeling stranded with POOP.
    and units…i haven’t thought about that in a LONG time. my friend and her mom and sister wore only units for like a year. i never saw anything else on them. i could never get into that. it was probably too expensive anyway. 🙂

  4. oh my goodness! i am laughing so hard!! why do kids LOVE to run around naked …well atleast as close as they can get!!no matter where..oh the innocence of a child they have the life!! but hey at least you had her jacket. please give her a HUGE hug from me!!
    now we can say, “lesson learned!” ..LOL one thing at a time, right?

  5. OH MY GOSH!!!
    That totally happened to me when Marlee was 2! Blowout on the airplane. No clothes. First child. I’m totally freaking out.
    I can just picture you snapping pictures in the airport.
    You’re a true photojournalist, Shawni!
    You so inspire me.

  6. Good job Lucy Girl! So glad she was good on the airplane for you. I dread flying with my kids too. Hope you have a great time in Utah.

  7. we still have our christmas cards posted on our wall . .and i remembered that yours had your blog address on the back!! so fun to catch up on your cute family. lucy really is “miss thang” struttin around . . miss seeing lucy in the office (shoot i just miss being in the office) . . glad you guys have what i’m sure will be a fun spring break ahead!

  8. This is hilarious.

    I can relate- on a trip to Florida, Jillian threw up all over herself, her carseat, and a rental car. Who knew so much could come out of a that small of a package?!?!

    When I gave her a sponge bath in the parking lot, and brought her into Walgreens to search for clothes wearing just a diaper (while I was dressed in “business attire”!!!!) a lady commented to me- “Might be a bit chilly for wearing something like that.”

    “No kidding??? Aw shucks, I thought it was the perfect time of year for vomit covered hair and nothing but a diaper. Thanks”

  9. That is hilarious because that exact same thing happened to me on a flight to Washington DC, except that Lizzie was on my lap and she got the poop all over me, and although I did have extra clothes for her in her diaper bag, I didn’t have any extra clothes for me… So I got to be the stinky one on our connecting flight and the drive to my brother’s house. Ahh, memories!

  10. Hey, at least she waited till yo were OFF the flight! How silly- way to be inventive- the SLC airport doesn’t have much in it when you really need something does it???

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