We celebrated our 27th anniversary up in the mountains.

I talked about that anniversary back HERE, but here’s what we did that day.

Welp, we started it off strong with a big fight. Ha! (I know, who can fight in all that beauty??)

I don’t even remember what we were fighting about, just layers of emotions about a few things that erupted that day.

Sometimes marriage is messy. We worry about such different things and we are carrying so much for each other sometimes. It was a tangle to work out.

But I love that Dave WANTS to work these things out with me. He’s not afraid of the messy.

And I love that we got to work though some of that messy. Together.

He took me on my first mountain biking experience that day (man, my legs were burning, but I think I like that push):

Our sidekick Lucy made the day extra great by playing some cards with us against that gorgeous Utah backdrop.

Let’s take another look at that sky:

Oh boy.

We walked Main Street and took in all the beauty:

That evening sitting under the twinkling lights on the porch of an Italian restaurant with the sun setting I loved talking through all our years filled up with so many things, good and bad. So many adventures. So much learned.

And how we have grown so much from all of it.

I am so grateful for this man, and I’m the luckiest that he’s mine.

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  1. Thank you for being so real. I know that the happy things you share are real, too, but hard things can make us feel so alone and pouty sometimes if we forget that other people are having their moments, too. Anyway, it softened the guilt I felt about fighting with my husband on his birthday this week. :/

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