Welp, I mentioned this in my Utah post, but let’s get to the details. Because my brother Tal wrote a book! A book for dads called Dad Mode. And you guys, I know I’m biased, but this is a good one. Launched just in perfect timing for Father’s Day.

I already got my “advanced copy,” and I can certainly vouch for how good it is. I love how casual Tal is, yet so very researched and throwing out so many good things to ponder about.

It’s laid out so well for easy reading in bite-size “ways” to connect with your kids better.

You can find it on Amazon and it will arrive just in time for Father’s Day if you have a special dad in your life you think would love it.

Who is Tal?

Now, as a refresher, this is my brother Tal who lives in Switzerland and has studied positive psychology for his masters degree. My sisters and I got to interview him for an episode on In the Arena about this and parenting and poetry of all things last year. Loved that one. His wife (my awesome sister-in-law) is the phenomenal life coach we got to interview last summer. A couple of my sisters did a fun book launch lead-up episode just recently, so there’s lots of information about them if you want to delve in. Also, just as a side-note, Tal is 6’9″. Kind of a fun thing to know:)

Anyway, Tal had a couple book launch events while he was in the States a couple weeks ago. One of them was close to when we were going to be there for Murphy’s birthday party. Dave and I were so wanting to be there that we moved up our flight in order to be there in time.

Tal picked us up at the airport and is always so full of wisdom. Remember the locus of control he taught me years ago? He always has the best things he’s been thinking about up his sleeve. I kept notes on a couple of the things I learned from him that day:

  • Be aware of the wake you are making (whether it is bad or good, you leave things in your wake).
  • Praise the process not the accomplishment. This is such powerful advice with kids. Their work to get to what they are accomplishing is so much more important than the end result. The end result is not always what we want it to be, but we grow so much from the process.

Tal’s First Book Launch Event

I felt so lucky to be there with six of my nine siblings to help celebrate this big deal.

The people who came were incredible, full of support and genuine interest in this important topic of dad-hood.

I love that my boy who is now a dad gets to be surrounded by so many good examples.

I also loved that Grace, Abby and Abby’s brother and his wife came. And their babies, of course.

We had dinner first, Tal and Noah making burgers, and a chance to talk and get to know everyone.

Very exciting.

Then we gathered in my brother Eli’s basement for Eli to interview Tal.

The “baby corner:”

Eli did an excellent job with the interview, there were lots of good questions, and the power of love was tangible in that room.

Again, I know I’m biased, but Tal had so many insightful things to say. One of my favorite parts was when someone asked if he sees things Dads are doing that they probably shouldn’t. I loved Tal’s answer: we can never judge how another dad is doing, everyone has their own paths, and mud they’re trying to wade through that we may or may not understand. We just need to do what we can to be the best parents we can personally be.

Late Night with My Siblings and In-laws

One of my favorite parts of the evening was standing in Eli’s kitchen late into the night laughing about our AI mother’s day song creation Eli put together with all our thoughts.

Love these guys more than I can say.

In honor of Father’s Day right around the corner, be sure to pre-order a copy of Dad Mode so it can get to those dads you love.

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  1. Hi Shawni,

    Is Tal the brother that was looking to adopt a while ago? Do you have an update on that?

    Congrats to him on his book!

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