Growing up my sisters and I were Annie-lovers. We’d put on “plays” of Annie for anyone who would watch. My sister would belt out “The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow” to the bus line at school. We even tried out for the broadway play one time (not that I would have made it if the world depended on it, but hey, my sisters had a chance).

We loved Annie so much that one summer, while living up at Bear Lake, my Dad decided we should go ahead and put on our own play of Annie right there at the local church house.

That play was a wing-dinger (at least in my young mind). The local talent was awesome…all except for the poor girl (me) who was forced (literally) into playing Grace Farrell by her Dad. No one could hear those lines, but I guess it didn’t scar me for life since I still love Annie.

So, when a friend mentioned the option of taking our girls to see it over the holidays I jumped on the chance. “It’s a Hard Knock Life” is one of our favorites over here, especially if we blast it during Saturday jobs and I wanted my girls to see the real deal show.So they got tickets as presents for Christmas.

Contrary to this picture, Claire was enamored most of the time and sang along to many of the songs…a little louder than I was comfortable with sitting with all those people around, but who can stop a kid from singing an Annie song?

We loved it. I have to admit I even got a little teary-eyed at the end when all the orphan girls got to change into their matching Annie dresses in all different colors at the end and they’re all so happy. I’m such a baby.

There’s nothing like sharing a little childhood nostalgia with your own kids.

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  1. Oh, my daughter LOVED Annie too. Thanks for this idea. I want us to go see it together!

    Also, I linked to you today in my post. I hope that it ok. Maybe I should have asked you first?? Let me know. Thanks!

  2. Wow what great memories I have of watching you guys perform on that stage in Dingle while holding our new baby Charity on the very back row with Noah and Talmadge carefully isolated away from everyone because they were just getting over the chicken pox! I've never seen a better Grace Farrell!

  3. Annie is in our car DVD player and has been on repeat since Christmas. What a fun experience to take your girls to see it! I bet it'll be one of the things they will always remember.

  4. Oh, I LOVE ANNIE!
    I would love to take my girls to see that! MY daughter wants to try out for the play in feb. at our children's christian theatre HOW FUN!

    p.s. I love how full of life and fun and beauty your girls are! they are so enthusiastic! LOVE THAT!

  5. Oh boy, did I ever love Annie! My mom even made me the classic red/white Annie dress. I wore it for my first grade class pictures, with the classic bowl cut, of course! After reading your post, I found some clips on youtube, got my daughters to watch them with me, and now we are trying to choreograph our version of "It's a Hard Knock Life." (The boys are away this afternoon.)

    Sometimes I wish my life was a musical. I really could use a good full-cast dance in the grocery store and a dream sequence, now and then.

  6. We LOVE Annie here at our house! We love going to Broadway shows. Bailey, Grandma and I went and saw Grease over Christmas break and going to see Little House on the Prairie (with Melissa Gilbert as Ma) in two weeks. See the ad for Mary Poppins behind you in one picture. FABULOUS show! Hope Annie comes our way soon!

  7. Shawnie, this is Christa Johnson (Sharon and Randy Wiemer's daughter)… I enjoyed talking to you the other day and my mom told me your blog adress, so I thought I would "pop by".
    I am glad you and your girls enjoyed Annie, my 10-year-old Cassidy loved it to. My mom took her to it and they had the best time!! Such a great musical!!
    I do have to mention that you are an AMAZING photographer!! I love photography too, but it is just a hobby for me. Someday I will take come classes, etc… For now, I just take about 100 pictures and 1 comes out good. Love it!
    If you ever want to stop by my blog, it is
    Take care
    Love, Christa

  8. One of the best aspects of parenthood is introducing fun aspects of your own childhood with your kids. It keeps us young and keeps it real! I love Annie too and am considering adding it to our Saturday morning chore playlist too…

  9. Oh Shawni! Annie is an awesome show! I have taken my kids to see CATS every time it is in town. (I am a Cat person.) Ashley and I saw Wicked this year and she is so excited to see Mary Poppins in February. We actually sat in the front row the last time Cats was in town. (That is the handicap seating.) The Cats were right in front of her! One even brushed against her and she LOVED it!

    There is nothing better than singing aloud to your favorite musical! Go Claire!

  10. I'm glad to know I'm not the only mom out there who subjects her kids to "It's a Hard-Knocked Life" while they grumble about their chores. 🙂

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