First off, thanks for the continuing tips and advice as we’re still working on the blog design. Really hoping to get some things fixed up this week. But for today, let’s do a little celebrating. Because mixed in with all the Easter hoopla last week, we also celebrated an anniversary around here. Yep, anniversary number 3 for two kids heading on a new adventure next week! (I cannot believe it’s already here!)

The wedding Plan that worked

Let’s go back to that awesome day back smack-dab in the middle of the covid pandemic, April 9th, when, after several “play b’s,” a plan came together and actually worked.

As the years pass, that sacred spot surrounded by that red rock with only socially distanced immediate family members has become even more special to all of us.

Oh, it certainly wasn’t the big celebration in Hawaii we had all envisioned (and bought tickets for and made all kinds of deposits on!)

But it was simple and beautiful, two people who loved each other standing in that breathtaking spot sharing wedding vows without any fluff.

It was funny that Dave was flipping through his phone last month and this popped up:

Wait a second!! He thought, that’s my daughter!!

We didn’t know they had asked Elle for a little interview about something she had put on TikTok to tell the story.

It’s a pretty fun article if you want to check it out with all the details.

So thankful for that day three years ago, not just because it was beautiful and simple, but because it joined up these two people we love so much.

I think most people tend to marry someone who is the “ying” to their “yang,” but I think these two both have both and it’s pretty fun to watch them navigate life together.

They are both so chill, kind, hard-working, adventurous, and good. And they just make life better.

The adventures that await

So excited for them as they get ready to head out into the big blue yonder as they start their externship adventures next week.

Because even when these two hit the tough stuff (I’m sure there will be lots of tough stuff, work/education-wise as well as logistically), they just know how to have fun through it all.

And there we have it: anniversary number 3 for two kids heading on a new adventure.

Love you guys forever and ever!

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  1. Thanks for revising the website again! It’s easy to find the newest post now, and there is a lot more viewing area for reading and seeing photos. It looks great!

    1. Agree! Appreciate the new font as well! Still adjusting, but the layout, font, and search bar have been super welcome 🙂

  2. Ha! that was a day to remember. And love the “tough stuff” photo. Those face plants are so fun! Those two are going to be great on their grand new adventure! That day joined a two amazing souls headed for not only greatness, but goodness!

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