2013-07-12 reunion 82195Every year I ask myself how can it be? How can it be that these babies of mine keep getting so old? How did this little spunky raspy-voiced girl who cut her hair off one day and made me bawl for hours…03104_n_8ablnh9hs253104010_n_8ablnh9hs2316 04225_n_8ablnh9hs058 2004-02-13 Elle2 turn into this funny 6th grader:2008-08-13 kids 04072008-10-16Rocky Point0265 ..and eventually into this beautiful girl who glows with goodness from the inside out?2013-07-10 reunion 81653 How did she go from this:04267_n_8ablnh9hs1653 to this:2013-07-06 elle & max 80572 And from this:2004-07-26 Barneys & Z's @ Bear Lake 023 to this:2013-07-21 aftermath 83618 in the twinkle of my eye? How is it that this baby of mine wears make-up and wears my clothes?  How is it that she can see the needs of her little sisters sometimes before I do, and that she can calm me down when I’m hopping mad by just saying something funny or saying some little thing to help me see the big picture? How did she turn into my teacher in so many ways rather than my little girl?  I don’t know, but she did. And I love her with all my heart for it.  I love her sense of humor, her heart-felt sorrys, her teasing of her little sisters (because sometimes they need it:), her photography skills, her eye for beauty, her competitive side, her kind heart, her big spirit, her eye-rolls, her ga-ga-craziness-for-long-hair diligence, her organization, her hard work, her understanding of how to choose what is right and be a leader, her no-nonsense, no-drama, fun-loving personality that brightens all our days around here and most of all her love for her Heavenly Father. 2013-07-12 reunion 82196 Happy birthday Elle Belle. Love you forever. And ever.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Elle. It is obvious what a beautiful and kind spirit she has because they come through in every picture of her. I wish her many more birthdays and you many more years to enjoy your wonderful children. 🙂

  2. Made me tear up. I have a love/hate relationship with my kids getting older…I miss the little cuddles, but those big kid cuddles are pretty sweet, too. Have birthday to your cute girl:)

  3. Seriously cried at this. The last two shots got me, of you two. I know my daughters will be here before I know it! There's just something heart wrenching about the FIRST GIRL though!!

    She is beautiful, inside and out. You guys have done (and are doing) an amazing job.

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