Near the end of school Grace and Claire had their second “flips” performance.

I mentioned last year how in awe I am of this organization.  The lady who runs it gets results I tell you.  I warned Dave before it started that I may tear up again, but I was kind of kidding.  I mean, it’s not so new any more.  But sure enough, I sat there behind my camera once again getting caught up in the emotions of it all…thinking about how tough it is to do this with your body and thinking of all the hard work it took to get each of these girls to this point.

Hard work from them and also from their great teachers.

This was the beginning act:

Kind of long but you get the idea in the first little bit…so many kids on that stage doing some pretty serious stuff.

I just know I took video footage of Grace’s number but all I can find right now is this:

Here’s one of Claire’s dances:

(Mostly for family cause I know that’s pretty darn long for anyone not related 🙂

Since gym is pretty much Claire’s passion right now she is in a “company” class which means she goes a lot and was in three of these numbers.

 Check out all those kids just submerged in the air.

We love that their cousins do this too.

 …and they are GOOD.

Loved sharing the day with Nana and Papa as well as the cousins.

It was good to see all that effort come to fruition…helped justify all that crazy driving back and forth so many hundreds of times this year (I didn’t have a carpool for Claire’s class this time around, yikes!)

Great job girls!


  1. I am right there with ya, my daughter was a competitive gymnast for 12 years. I loved going to all her recitals and competitions. Those days are over, she is married and in college now, but what memories. It's so rewarding watching you child do something they love and work hard at.

  2. Oh my heck, this is clearly impossible!!! I clapped..all by myself! How can it be that these girls can do that with their bodies? That took a LOT of TIME and EFFORT! So sorry about all the driving!

    Kathy Holt told me she was at this concert for one of Scott's kids and she saw Josh. Thanks for sharing since we could be there! Couldn't get enough!

    Hugs to both those spectacular girls!

  3. Do you happen to have the email for "Flips"? I have searched but can't find it. I would love to find something like this in Colorado for my daughter, maybe there's a shot in the dark that the owners of "Flips" would know of a place out here similar to theirs.

  4. I don't really 'know' you, but I've been reading for a while, and read I feel I know you all.
    Anyway, I was in tears watching the video of Claire doing her thing! So proud of that little girl! I did gymnastics as a kid and loved it, but never got quite as good as she is. All those back handsprings and flips… She's amazing!

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