This is coming in less than two weeks:

And I think Claire and I are still in denial.

BUT we DID find a snippet of time to take some senior pictures.

As a little break in the marathon MCO concert practice I was helping with a couple weeks ago, I met up with these girls of mine to snap away at that girl who is graduating.

(Grace the best helper ever, all three of us running from place to place and Grace running home real quick to get one more outfit change, cracking up that Claire was changing in the middle of the riparian, beautiful lighting.)

Some of my favorites that Claire isn’t choosing for her grad announcement:

Oh how I love this girl!

Then I took those girls of mine to a quick dinner feeling so melancholy they’d both be leaving so soon.

Last week I met up with all these cute friends at the football stadium to capture those funny grad outfits before the big night when it will be all nutty crazy in that same spot.

I thought of all the memories all these girls have made.

The things they’ve learned.

Oh the places they’ll go.

They are all off to do good things in the world in their own unique ways.

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