It feels weird to look at these pictures now that the whole school year is all wrapped up.

And oh boy I have a lot to say about all that jazz that went on there at the end.

But let’s just talk about powderpuff football for a minute ok?

Because it’s a pretty fun tradition I have to say.

Does it happen at the high schools around you? We didn’t do it back at good old East High, but all of our girls have done it and apparently it’s quite a ball for them:)

This year the kids kind of took it upon themselves to take on this tradition since the school wanted to change it and they didn’t want the change (tradition runs strong I tell you!)

So for the first round they found their own field to play on:

And apparently I couldn’t get the settings on my camera to catch the sheer speed and agility going on out there:)

But it was pretty fun to watch.

Then came the “big” game:

The one where two sort of rival schools had a “challenge,” and this time it was actually on a real football field.

The action on the field was great, but check out the moon action too:

Pics can’t do it justice, it was so huge and yellow, rising behind the end zone.

I think it might be safe to say that the boys coaching and reffing may have had even more fun than the girls. It was pretty cute to see them take this seriously;)

The football guys just got their “state champion rings” that day, so they had to wear them…or let the girls wear them to celebrate:

And it doesn’t hurt the fun when we took away a big win.

The girls:

With coaches:

…and with spectators too:

Friend/cousin from the “other side”:

High school is fun.

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