Elle has senioritis. 
I have a bad case of anti-senioritis.

But wait, maybe Elle does too because she does NOT want to graduate.  She reminds me of me my senior year.  I was so in love with it…the friends, the dances, finally knowing what the heck I was doing…I had no desire for it to end.  I remember driving up the canyon with my friends on graduation night listening to “Forever Young” with tears streaming down our cheeks.

Little did I know that college is even better!  She’ll learn that soon enough.  

But the question is, how am I going to let that girl go so close on the heels to when Max left?? 

When Elle surprised us in such close succession to Max we had our work cut out for us.

Those two babies in different stages 14 months apart kept us hopping (more on that story back HERE and a little here too…).  But then gradually their needs started turning into things they could help each other with and each year they became closer and closer.  Made me wish I could do the whole close-in-age thing all over again with more kids.
Except that Dave was done having babies.
Dang it!   
It has turned into one of the best things ever to have these two so close.
…until the dreaded college applications when it all hits that these two not only came in close succession but they will leave that way too.
Boo is what I have to say about that.
Luckily for me, even though we get all fussed up about the dang college application process, it provides some velvety great bonding time. 
She has sat behind that computer for hours on end trying to refine and tweak college essays to the highest level she can with any input she could glean from me and Dave.
By December first she had three of those puppies turned in and it felt so good!

One more to go, and we’ll see where she will be heading next year in the spring.

Dreading but exciting too.

In bad Elle news, this happened:

This is how Jenna (our beloved car) fared after Elle hit into that other one.

Air bag and everything.  SO scary.  SO amazing and such a blessing that everyone ended up ok.  SO sad that both cars were totaled.  We’ve sure all been so much more careful lately.
We miss Jenna a whole bunch.  Still need to have a little funeral for her.
Other sad news:

Her friend ran over her phone.

It still worked for a few days, like this:

…and then she had to go get that screen replaced.

She also got a ticket for not having her front lights on when she had to borrow someone’s car.

They say bad things come in three…hoping that is three and that we’re done with the bad stuff.  Poor girl, she is honestly so dang responsible, so all this stuff was extra sad.

Needless to say she is lucky she works her tail off to earn money that so sadly has had to go toward these things.  That girl is studying her heart out for finals right now in the midst of her part-time babysitting job, and a slew of family photo shoots.

Let’s just not talk about pending graduation again for a little while and just soak in this girl of ours for as long as we can.

Sure adore this senior of mine!

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  1. Our first two ended up being 18 months apart, and only a year apart in school. It's so hard to "lose" half your kids within a year! And then we moved, and no one knew we had those 2 older girls. It was really difficult – except I knew BYU and Ricks were far better options than University of New Mexico or UNLV. I feel your pain.

  2. Oh I wrote this so quick this morning I think I may have made it come across that she didn't take responsibility for those unfortunate things. But she sure did. Her heart was torn apart about all three. (I just changed the wording a little to hopefully show that.) She is ultra responsible and is also usually a very conscientious driver….these things have sure made her more-so! I guess sometimes the best "consequence," aside from the hefty ticket fines, is sorrow. And she's sure had a bunch of that over these sad things and has learned a lot in the process! But the great thing about Elle is that she just picks herself up and tries harder. Dang it, even writing this is making me so sad we have to let her go next year! So now I'm leaving with the thought that there are times when natural consequences are all kids need to learn serious lessons. Life is just one giant lesson don't you think? I'm still sure learning all kinds of things myself and have so far to go!

  3. The consequence is elle pays the ticket and her insurance goes up and there is a ticket on her record. Parents don't need to add to it. She is old enough to drive and the world provides the consequences. Her driving is a contract between her and the community. It's great she had an accident while living at home. Navigating the process is more complicated than getting the license.

    Is it typical to help so much with applications? Other than signing the thing my parents did nothing.

  4. Our first two are almost 15 months apart, too, with another 22 months behind. High school is almost within reach, I can feel it. And yes, it is going way too fast.

  5. Oops, too many typos on that last one! Whew! At first when I saw title I thought you were talking about us! 🙂 Love this Elle girl! Just keep reminding her that life just gets better and better, including for us real seniors!

  6. It wouldn't be life without learning! 🙂 My son (also named Maxwell) is 12 mos older than my twin girls, and boy, I'm already not looking forward to back-to-back senior years!
    Love hearing how close Max and Elle are though. Hopefully a little peek into what we have to look forward to. ❤️

  7. When I found out I was pregnant with my second (mine are 15 months apart) I remembered your oldest two being close and read through old posts telling myself if Shawni could make it so can I
    Now my heart hurts a bit thinking about them leaving…. but I have years and years to soak it all up.

  8. I feel like I am reading a post that I may write in around 17 years. Mine kids are 14 months apart as well (Miles age 2 & Hazel age 1) and as much as I have just been trying to kept my head above water, this makes me consider what it will be like when they are older. Excuse me while I go kiss my babies!! Thanks for sharing with us.

  9. I have a brother 13 months older than me. I remember thinking I wouldn't see him much at BYU when we were there together and it turns out we saw each other every day but one. I have so many fun memories.

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