We have one recipe that we make on repeat the vast majority of Sundays.

I don’t have any fancy pictures of it, and I’m sure it’s not the most healthy thing on the planet, but I’ve had a lot of requests to share it lately so here goes.
You ready?  It’s pretty complicated…HA!
All you do is mix these up in a bowl:
1 c. apricot jam or preserves
1 c. french dressing
1 pkg. Lipton onion soup mix

Arrange frozen chicken breasts (8-10 of them or double that if you’re using tenderloins like I have in the picture above) in a 9×13 pan, and pour that mixture right over the top.
Bake at 350, uncovered, for an hour (a little less if you’re using the smaller tenderloins).
Serve over rice.  
Extra good with THIS or THIS or THIS as a side salad (just omit the chicken from that last one if you’re making it with this).  And usually my girls whip up THIS flat bread too.
Also, I wanted to share my friend Lillie’s recipes (I totally don’t “know” her, but I love her because she has the best recipes ever).  
Her blog is over HERE, but I follow her mostly on Instagram because she has so many good ideas.
And since we’re winding down winter over here, I’m sharing a couple of her soups that I’ve made lately…
I love looking at stuff like this:
(and feeling all healthy that there are all those veggies in there)
…that turns into this:
(Recipe for that chili is HERE.)
She’s good at helping me use my Instant pot too…all that stuff up there goes into here:

 …with a few more things added:

 …and after the cooking but before the cauliflower:

 You get the idea.

And if you pair any of those soups with this from Trader Joes:

Then you’ve got yourself a pretty great meal.  (We use half applesauce to replace half of the oil and it’s better for you and still so so good…our family favorite for sure.)  Yes, still not the best side dish as far as healthy goes, but when you have all those veggies packed into your soup it makes it totally ok:)

Lillie has lots of other recipes I love as well, but for today, just sharing the soups.

Happy Thursday!

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