Honestly, I get the biggest kick out of April Fool’s Day. I LOVE it. And I have a plastic spider and my boy Max to thank for that.

The past couple years I’ve put a plastic spider in Max’s bowl of cereal in the morning when he wasn’t paying attention. And man did I ever get him good. I can’t explain how my heart pumps in anticipation to see the expression on his face when he scoops it up, is about to take the bite, and then freaks out when he sees what’s on his spoon.

He is one heck of a great sport. After his initial shock, he laughs right along with us and thinks it’s pretty funny.

But this year he wasn’t about to be duped again.

No way.

He was ready.

He announced to us all that he was going to make pancakes because he knew exactly what was coming if we had cereal. He had it all planned out. He was in control.

…Until he turned his back for a split second and I slipped the spider between his pancakes.

I could literally hear my heart pumping as I waited and tried to talk all nonchalantly to he and the girls at breakfast. From the corner of my eye I saw him take a bite…saw the spider legs sticking out between the pancakes.

I waited.

More casual talk about who was going to bring lunch and who was going to buy. Another bite. Still no noticing. Heart still pumping. Then came the confused “what’s this between my pancakes?” look. And then, bingo.

I got him again.

Oh Max, thanks for making my April Fool’s so fun.

I better get prepared for when some day, out of the blue, you get me back. And I’m sure it’ll be more than a little plastic spider. I better watch my back.

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  1. Shawni-I consistently read your blog and say to myself, “I’m gonna be a mom just like her someday!!” You truly inspire me and the way you write is an amazing gift. Can’t wait to purchase your book! How exciting! Hope you and your cute family are doing well!

  2. that is too great! I am so deathly afraid of spiders even plastic ones and I was actually scared to read this post because I thought there would be a photo of a spider! but im glad I braved it. and now you know just how wimpy I am. 🙂 and of course I don’t mind you referring people to me but perhaps we could get together sometime because I don’t think I have the business end quite figured out yet. I need some pointers.

  3. Love it! I’m so glad that we got a new faucet so that you kids couldn’t tie that spray nozzle down with an elastic. I’ve been dowsed with enough surprise “showers” on April Fool’s Day to last for the rest of my life.

  4. What a fun tradition! Okay I am so dang excited for you to have a book published! You are one awesome lady and MOM! Good for you! I will be getting this book! And maybe just maybe I can be as good of a mom as you and your mom some day! Can’t wait to read it! Hope it is a great success for you! Have a great day!

  5. You are a good sport (or Max is?)…I hate April Fool’s…I caught my son doing the old rubber band around the kitchen sprayer and said, “No way buddy…I am not in the mood for that this morning!”
    Thank you for your kind words on my blog too (signed in as Elle…happens to me often too with Abbey.)

  6. I was laughing out loud when I read this post! I have long loved your blog and always look forward to your posts. You amaze me. You truly inspire me as a mother, and the way you express your love for your children – and life – is so beautiful. I can’t wait to get your book!
    I was roommates with your sister, Saydi, in the MTC many moons ago. Her best friend, Amy, was heading to my same mission two months later. My parents were also in Israel with Charity. When a friend told me she loved your blog, it was fun to make the connection. What a small, fun world it is!

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