Ok, let’s go back to April.
Yes I’m a little behind but I can’t skip it, too much I want to remember in those days back in what seems like ancient history right now.
It all started out with a REAL tooth-losing for Lucy. 

This girl never knows when she loses teeth.  There are sometimes just suddenly holes in her mouth, teeth gone, vanished off the face of the earth.

So when we were brushing her teeth and felt a wiggle we got kind of giddy.  It wasn’t quite ready but we did the good ol’ dental floss trick because she was so excited and out it popped.

Happy day right there (as you can tell).

In the beginning of April our cousins were still in town from Utah (they were here for Easter) so these cousins sure lived it up (along with one friend this particular night):

Have I mentioned our new chalk board?

I love it for writing messages to the girls as they come into the kitchen.

Lucy took the happy-April-Fools- wishing into her own hands.  I loved it because see that spider right there?  That’s kind of my signature move for April Fools 😉  To see why, click HERE. (I’m so mad I didn’t get a plastic spider in the mail in time for Max for April Fools…next year.)

Check out this tiny little cousin we adore so much:

We always joke that we could put her in our pocket 🙂

Lucy’s backpack broke in April…or maybe it was even March.

But do you think she would let us get her a new one?
No way.  Because she NEEDED those butterflies I tell you!
She proudly walked around with a broken-zipper backpack for the last two full months of school.  
For reals.  
And I don’t think she ever even lost anything.
Elle decided she wanted to touch up some ancient highlights before prom.  And she came out from her appointment pretty blonde!  This is the pic. she sent:
All that blonde raveled nicely into her braid for prom though:

More about prom back HERE.

Grace and her friends made use of this great floaty thing we were given:

Matchy-girls in the mornings…

More about “mornings” in my snapshot post coming soon, but man alive I have loved having these girls all to myself in the mornings.

We had “trek” this summer.  So much more about that soon (Dave and I were the “Ma” and “Pa” directly after graduation and we loved it).  In preparation for prep we did a few YW walks and hikes. 

Above is our night hike up to watch the view of the city.

And below is our little great after:

This family in our church recently adopted their second child (well, fifth child all together) from Ghana.  Claire dies over kids and always wants to hold them so she begged to start babysitting for them.  And from that moment they were hooked.  She babysits for them each week and has fallen head-over-heels in love with those two cuties.
We finished The Horse and His Boy.
My thoughts on this one are back HERE.

More of Lucy’s art while we were reading is back HERE.

Loved having both my high school girls on the tennis team this year.  Here’s Grace with her friend:

(Lots more about the tennis season HERE.)

Lots more about this girl’s soccer season HERE.
(She just made it onto this club soccer team so she is over-the-moon about that little fact.)

Claire’s friend had a “chocolate slip-n-slide birthday party:”
I know, fun, right??

The washing-off-chocolate at home, not so fun 🙂 but boy oh boy these kids had a good time!  Gotta get the full-body effect:

There we go.

My sister-in-law just had her fifth baby.  She asked if I would capture the chaos of five littles so I did:

Oh man, I was JUST there!  Five kids nine and under (although she has four boys and one girl and I had four girls and one boy).

How did that change to these big girls so dang quick!?

Claire got chosen to be in the art show that they do each year at a nearby furniture store (I wrote a little about how she performed there last year back HERE.)

 She made a little ice cream cone house.

She was pleased as punch to get chosen and we were the same-amount-of-pleased to have a little date with her there to go check it out.

Lots of hiking happened in April…

I just wrote a little about that back HERE.  (Oh, and back HERE too.)

Claire went on her first YW campout:


Grace tried out for cheer and made it…

And that above is the measly picture I got to tell about it.  A few more back HERE.
Dave showing the girls a funny video for devotional in the morning one morning:

(THIS video…love that catchy tune 🙂

One of my best friends from high school has a son serving a mission close-by here in the desert.  She asked if I would go drop him off a birthday treat on his big day.  I was more than happy to show up.

I think I pretty much freaked him out more than anything.  I know him well because I hear so much about him from his mom but he has no clue who I am so it was a hilarious drop off.

The crazy thing is that his companion was in the MTC with Max.  He was waiting to get his visa (I can’t remember where he was going), but it was fun to have some “Max-talk” with him for a minute.

Oh boy, the whole thing sure made me miss my boy.

Claire is LOVING her ballet class…hard but so good.

…and oh boy she sure learned a lot about cells this year!

(I posted her 3-D cell a while back.)

I went to help with field day one day at the elementary school.

Love to see these sweeties with Lucy.

Our nephew pole vaults for BYU.

 And he is pretty dang good.

He had a meet here in the desert and had quite a huge cheering fan section (see above).

Claire and her cousin found some good ways to keep cool…

We watched BYU volleyball…they did really well this year except for that last dang game.

Fun to watch, especially since Max’s friend from Nationals last year is on the team, but it sure made us miss that boy of ours.

Waiting for FHE on a Sunday afternoon…

Beautiful sky.

Sweet friends bringing us the most delicious cinnamon rolls ever.

We planted our first garden:

More coming on that business.

We went to a couple volleyball games after home tennis matches (we have a few friends on the team).

The first time I went in there I could only stay for a second.

I know I’m drama, but it made me tear up a little bit.  And caught my breath for a little bit.  It was like a small panic attack and the most powerful wave of missing came over me.  Max was just there.  On that front row.  Talking up a storm through the net and pounding that ball over it.  So I had to hurry and leave that place.

Hard to explain, but boy, we miss that boy.


And dates:

Our nephew and friend were both in the high school production of Oklahoma.  They did such a great job and enthralled Lucy.

Dave got to accompany Lu on a field trip.

We got to do a cooking class with this crew:

I love this instagram feed my friend started:

And that’s a pretty good protein-ball recipe up there.
Loved Jungle Book:

From the previews I didn’t think I’d like it but Dave stole us all over to the theater for FHE one night and we loved it.

We did a lot of trek preparation.  

This was our Young Women night where we whipped up trek skirts.


My mom’s birthday Facetime:

(Not sure why dave took that pic, but there you go…)

A school project with a sweet friend:

Spirit Day:

The sixth grade were super heroes, and the third grade somehow came up with the idea to have spirit day be “injury day” so that’s why Lu is sporting that ace wrap.

I know, if you’re puzzled, I was too, but those kids thought it was the bomb.

A day at the temple…

…with these girls:

April was when we went and did the 4th-year-adventure over-nighter:

Tons more on that back HERE.

End of tennis season wrap-up at the tennis banquet:

Our high school held their first inaugural “Powder Puff football match:”
(I wrote all about that back HERE.)
…and “senioritis” set in with all these kids.

We hit state tennis back HERE:

And another prom (back HERE):

We checked out Claire’s kidneys:

(wanted to double check that her kidney reflux hasn’t progressed any further, and found that she’s doing great!)

More trek prep at the “kick-off fireside.”

Wow, they put so much work into this trek it baffles my mind.  So grateful for all those who worked so hard to make it so great.  I’ll get to the actual trek before too long…

Golden Scholars at the elementary school for Claire and these other cute kids:

If you made it this far you’re a champion.
To wrap up the month we hosted the rehearsal dinner for my nephew and neice-in-law-to-be at our house.  We did prep all month to get ready.  Sometimes it’s great to have a deadline to get things done around here.
We did important things like finally finishing off things on our back porch and getting it touch-up painted:
…and somehow did some very unimportant things as well like finishing off our bedroom.  

Well, important because we’ve never had a bedroom finished…it seems to be the last room to get attention and it’s nice to have it {almost} done.  But unimportant because it had nothing do do with the wedding.
But hey, that’s what happened.  Some day I will write about house stuff but for now, let’s concentrate on this back porch.  We worked our tails off to get it ready.

Got it painted, washed it all up:

Only to have it completely torn up again to get watering to the plants we were installing there. 
We forgot that there was cement under those pavers which they had to totally jack hammer out to bring the pipes in.  They started into it before we even could decide whether it was worth the hassle!  
There was cement-water sprayed EVERYWHERE!
That above picture was taken the very day before this:

…so you can imagine we were pretty happy to get that done!

And the work that it took to get it that way.  Doesn’t that plant in the lower left corner look great?  Ha!  I’m just trying to appreciate all that work to get it there 🙂

Wedding stuff coming up next…I hope!

Oh, and intermixed with all the wedding festivities and house preparation, we cannot forget to record our toe preparation:


…and much more important than toes, a baptism of this sweetie-pie cousin.

My brother-in-law blessed our sweet little nephew mixed into that weekend as well.

Yes, it was a pretty great party that whole weekend I tell you!

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  1. I love these "little things" posts! (I may have borrowed your idea and have been doing a similar idea on my blog for a year or two now 😉 But really, I love to get a glimpse into a full busy life and then motivate myself to be involved in many good works!

    Chaun from http://www.hiccupsandpastries.com

  2. Love the little things post too! It motivates me to do a little better. You are amazing! Your house looks so beautiful! I wish you could come help me decorate! I am looking forward to some house posts! Thank you for always sharing and welcome back! I have missed your posts!

  3. Giggle…. sooo on the post about Elle's school choices I suggested my cousin who came from the same area and now lives in Hawaii….right….that's her MIL with the IG feed and the protein balls. 😉 Looks like you could hook them up if she needs a buddy! 🙂

  4. I feel so busy with my four little ones and I can only imagine how much busier things get as they are older! I love how you all still make so much time for family and the little things in supporting one another. And you're back porch: LOVE. I would have definitely stressed out but it looks like it came together beautifully!

  5. I am so glad you are back! I love how you always portray children and families in a positive light, even when there are hard things. You were missed by this Massachusetts Mom.

  6. I love your blog! Been a faithful reader for a few years now. Random question–where did you find your bed frame? I've been on the hunt for something similar for our bedroom! Thank you!

    1. Hi Ashley (and Karen too!) We had that bed frame made. We loved a style at Restoration Hardware and found a guy who could make it for us.

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