In all that end-of-school hoopla I spaced it on including the end of art masterpiece for the year.
And I can’t forget that because it’s one of my favorite things I get to do in the school.  I mean, what can compare to walking into a classroom and seeing your children’s faces turn into little light bulbs of enthusiastic excitement (I know from experience the excitement of seeing your mother show up at school only goes downhill from here :), and then getting to teach about the cool-ness of art to kids who are like little sponges ready to soak it all in.
See what I mean?  Art Masterpiece is magical.
The last month of school I got to be the volunteer for both Claire and Lucy’s classrooms and I worked it out that I could visit one right after the other.
In Claire’s class we talked about a Chinese landscape artist.  I can’t even remember the name, which I know is awful, but we sure had a good time creating our own Asian-art-inspired trees.
We used the good old dab of watery paint that the kids blew with straws to make it spread out into branches.
Is that how the artist did his famous landscape we were studying?  Heck no.  But we sure had fun doing our own renditions.

See those little red squares at the bottom?  We put Chinese characters up on the projector and they got to choose their own initials to mark their work.

Claire begged to come to Lucy’s class with me next.

Van Gogh’s Starry Night was on the rotation for the third grade that month.

Claire and I demonstrated some steps to help them reproduce their own rendition of that masterpiece on the board and they owned that assignment I tell you!

I have noticed through the years that kids think it’s the best thing ever when I go around as they work and hold up random kid’s projects to “show them off” to the rest of the class.  I make sure I get to everyone and they beam as the other kids oooo and ahhhhh at their creations.

I loved when Claire started doing this in Lucy’s classroom.

I still can’t believe only one of these sweeties will be roaming the halls of that elementary school next year.

At the end of the school year there is always an “Art Walk” family night where families come see an assortment of the art that has been done through Art Masterpiece.

Each classroom picks one project to present on their bulletin board in the hallway for the walk.  We chose our Starry Night creations for Lucy’s class and the other mom who rotated with me in that class this year came to meet me to put up the art.

I loved that our daughters were so interested in helping us figure out how to display their masterpieces.

I know I have a picture of Claire’s classroom’s display somewhere but I can’t find it so for now, that’s a wrap.

I wonder if Claire would be mortified if I petitioned to come teach art masterpiece in one of her classes in junior high next year?


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  1. Love this and love thinking about you posting this at the Lighthouse. I nice place to post! Those were so good days doing classroom art. I loved it too! Don't remember doing it for the Jr. High kids though. šŸ™‚

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