We don’t generally have white bread around.  When I bake bread I generally go to my “go to” recipe (here) because we love it so much and my girls have become excellent wheat grinders. But my neighbor gave us a loaf of her awesome bread a while back and my kids fell in love with it and have been begging me to make it ever since since.  And since I’m back on gluten now (more on that at the end of this post) I decided to make them a treat.  2013-02-21 misc 70253 And I figured if anyone else needs a recipe for “treat” bread, this is a grand one.  (Thanks Ashby!)  image Be aware that it is VERY sticky (like it mentions) and maybe next time I make it I’ll add a tad bit more flour.  And I think I’ll make it into four loaves instead of three next time because they were BIG loaves. My kids were in heaven.  Especially when I turned some of it into cinnamon French toast the next day. Mmmmmm. As far as the gluten deal goes, I am so happy for my month-long-experiment.  I learned so much.  The goal was to try it for a month and get educated about it because so many people had told me it made such a difference to go gluten-free when you have Hashimotos Disease (a fun little thing I have).  Some say you should do it for at least three months in order to really know what effect it has.  But at the end of the month I didn’t personally feel different (except that I lost five pounds and felt pretty empowered by doing something hard) but my Hashimoto antibody levels actually went up.  I did a lot of research and reading and really felt that for me, because I don’t have an allergy or even sensitivity to gluten, it just wasn’t the right step right now.  I know it makes a huge difference for so many people and I’m still experimenting with going low-gluten with all of us, especially for Lucy.  I have learned a whole bunch about gluten free stuff…mostly that I don’t like most of the gluten-free things they have available (it was kind of a self-fulfilling prophesy because I never like foods that they substitute chemicals or extra sugars to try to make it conform into certain requirements).  But I wanted to make a good effort to at least try some of the things for my little gluten experiment. This pancake mix is one of the few exceptions: 2013-01-19-Claires-birthday-683622_t Made those with a little coconut oil on top.  Yum.  I also liked these pancakes I made with cottage cheese in the blender:2013-01-27-misc-689675_thumb I know there are tons of healthy and great gluten-free finds that make life great for those who are gluten-free and boy oh boy does that ever make me happy for them.  But what I loved most about the whole month was all the more healthy options I learned to reach for rather than my regular quick-fixes to hunger (wheat thins :).  I felt so empowered fueling my body with foods more packed with vitamins and things my body really needs. I am convinced that there is so much to be said about limiting breads and wheat in your diet.  I think if you don’t have sensitivities or allergies, whole grains are awesome.  We have this whole “Word of Wisdom” dealio in our church that talks about the goodness of whole grains in which I believe in so whole-heartedly.  But I think our society has swayed so far in that “breads” direction that we base so much of what we eat around those things and then don’t have room for the vitamin-packed things our bodies desperately need.   I am trying to keep going with my newly formed habits of grabbing for fruits, vegetables, raw nuts or mixing up a green smoothie rather than going for the easy crackers and toast when we need a quick snack around here.  I’m sure proud of all my friends who have to do the gluten-free thing for a lifetime and are doing such a great job at it.

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  1. Thanks for the recipe! Look's awesome!

    P.S. I think back when the Word of Wisdom was introduced grains were in their purest form. Now a days there is so many illnesses due to the way grains are grown and sprayed with all kinds of chemicals. My sister who was recently diagnosed with Celiac {severe case} has also just attempted to begin using her wheat storage by sprouting it. I told her that it's an amazing food source. Just sprout it and it becomes a vegetable. It's no longer a grain. Oh the beauty of that! She now uses her sprouted grains in all kinds of things. She loves that she still can use it….but in a different way. ; )

  2. Wonderful post. My daughter has Hashimoto disease as well. She was not keen on the gluten free idea so we do a "moderation in all things. She loves to eat cereal so we opt for Chex or anything else made with Corn. Seems to be working and instead of sandwiches she will eat a chicken cesear salad. So I am with you. Follow the Word of Wisdom and we will be blessed and gain the knowledge we need for our own bodies.

  3. Have you talked to Dr. Brimhall about your Hashimotos? He is helping my sister with it right now. Fan.Tastic! He's a great doctor, that guy!! 🙂 Your bread looks amazing!

  4. I love making white bread as a treat every now and then!

    I wonder if using a natural yeast starter would help any of your symptoms? I hear it helps a lot of people with all kinds of issues. I ordered some starter from naturalleavening.com a few months ago, and it's been fun to try and figure out!

  5. I am 35. I was on Synthroid/Levothyroxine for 22 years and just last year, a new doctor, asked if I'd like to try Armour. BEST THING I EVER DID!! I cried a lot when I realized so many of my troubles the 20 years prior were because my body was lacking something (T3). It is not in Synthroid. My "numbers" always looked good so they never did anything. This doctor said at my last appointment that my numbers look good but because I'm having some side effects, he would change the medicine. He said I am going to treat you, not your numbers. I cried again. First doctor to say that in all these year. I had theright side of my thyroid removed in December because a nodule had taken over. It was the best decision. But my very best decision was to go to an ENT that cares about me. I'm telling you, get the right medicine. Don't just settle and figure there's no help. My 15 year old son was recently diagnosed with the same. I've read books and studied more than ever because of him and I will now be taking him to my doctor, who will treat HIM. The pediatric endocronologist only treated numbers and won't prescribe armour. This was a lot of information. Sorry. I just have a lot of passion for it because I have finally been helped!!!

  6. Shawni, I would also suggest looking into natural yeast. It is a little different than sourdough, and I am just beginning to experiment with it for other health issues. I just got a book called "Baking with Natural Yeast" by Caleb Warnock and a somebody Richardson. Good Luck and thanks for being such a great example of doing hard things!

  7. Shawni, I would also suggest looking into the natural yeast. I have been experimenting with it for a few weeks for other health issues. I am using the book "Baking with Natural Yeast" by Caleb Warnock and somebody Richardson. Good Luck and thanks for being such a great example of doing hard things.

  8. Oh I'm so glad you mentioned the importance of grains in the Word of Wisdom. Especially with the paleo diet that many are doing. (though paelo has some really great improvements to health I think grain free is one I don't agree with) We have to do gluten free in our house because my son has a autoimmune disease that was making his hair fall out and caused scarring. I didn't want to put him on two years of scary medications when he actually felt fine so upon research I tried this. And because I already like to do a mostly plant based whole foods diet and had already dabbled gluten free (not grain free at all) it was pretty easy for us. And his hair is growing BACK!! With no medications!! Its a miracle. Anyway my whole point in saying this is that there is so many grains out there that are so good for you and the only reason wheat is so bad is because its in everything and we eat way too much of it. I also don't like too many of the subsitutes so we just focus on foods that naturally don't contain grains (my kid eats a lot of apples, bananas, grapes, green smoothies and eggs) and it seems to work. Again loved the W.O.W reference because I feel pretty strong about the interpretation on the food aspect in there. People don't study that part enouogh! 🙂

  9. I have Hashimoto disease as well. I REALLY feel good when I get all my fruits and veggies in for the day. Just one caution I have learned the hard way …..be careful how much raw kale and raw spinach you eat/drink. I just recently found out that those leafy greens …… while good for most people….. can wreck havoc on your thyroid. It's been a long process of trial and elimination for me. I find myself looking forward to your "thyroid" posts! It feels like I have another person on my "team"! THANKS!!

  10. I too, felt empowered when I had to switch my diet not because of me, but because of my 2 month old daughter who seemed to have an intolerance of almost everything. So 3 months with no dairy, wheat, corn, eggs, acids.. Wow. I felt good and healthy, but also stressed out about my options what to eat and what not to. Congratulations to you though that you lasted a month. It's a great personal experience.

  11. Hashimotos is just plain. not. fun. My only advice is to have an endocrinologist that goes more by how good you feel than by thyroid or antibody numbers.

    My life changed the day that I went into her office and told me that we were going to work until I felt right. It was such a life-saver….I seriously cried.

  12. If you haven't already heard of it, you should check out Ezekial Bread. The perfect solution to breads that are no longer packed with nutrients. Ezekial Bread's contain only whole grains, and other nutrients- no flours, etc. I love it!

  13. *******I printed out those yummy bread recipes and hope to finally put the Bosch mixer I got two years ago to use. ********* I have a question for you about pets. I have a 12 year old daughter who is very very insistant that we get a pet (a guinea pig). Neither my husband nor I are pet people and we have a house full of kids so would rather not add to the caos with an animal. She will not give up and most recently wrote an essay about all the reasons she should have one. Are we being bad parents standing firm on no pets and if not how do we explain the situation to her once and for all. Thanks for helping me.

    1. I don't normally reply to people I don't know, but I feel for you. I grew up without pets in the house (brother with allergies and asthma). We did have an outside dog. I am not a big pet person, just one more thing to take care of, and I'd rather spend the effort on my kids:-) I will say that we have had fish, and they are my favorite low maintenance pet, you can't hold them , but they are quite entertaining! You can even get automatic feeders!! My children have also enjoyed caring for plants:-) Just wanted to share those ideas, from one per free mom to another!!

  14. I am SO happy to have stumbled upon your blog!! You seem so genuine and have so many great ideas. I also checked out your parents and ended up ordering three of their books. I can't wait to get them. As a mother of three little ones, I love to be inspired by other moms and hear what has worked for them. Thank you SO much!
    Aubrey Skaggs

  15. What a puzzle on HMs! Wow this bread looks awesome. We deserve a little white bread once in a while. It might even be better for your thyroid! (:

  16. You have probably stumbled upon it already, but here in Australia there is an awesome blogger doing great things without sugar – all because she too suffers hashimotos …

    Do a google of 'sarah wilson'. She is the creator of the IQS I quit sugar program. She has done some wonderful research and is sharing her thoughts.

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