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  1. I so love the jumping pictures! We are headed to Bear Lake this weekend and now I want to take jumping pictures! How fun!

  2. Crazy question – are you all really jumping that high off the ground or is this a photography trick? To me it looks like your subjects are higher than one would normally be able to jump off the ground….

  3. Shawni, I love your blog! I just read your book & loved loved loved it. I'm a big believer in frequently re-evaluating my approach to motherhood, so I appreciated the refreshing ideas & traditions that reminded me to slow down and enjoy my three little girls. You are a great mommy example.
    p.s. We've been doing these "jumping" pictures all summer with cousins! I also went to East High, same grad year as Talmadge . . . could it be HSM influencing the jumps? 😉

  4. wow shawnie, you Eyres have mad hops! I thought the same thing as captkangaroo…that's some serious leg muscles. Amazing. Looks like tons of fun. Give my best to everybody (why isn't Saydi blogging??) We are planning a cornell reunion out to Bear Lake next summer, I just realized that you guys might all be there at the same time. It would be fun to see you again.

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