Yes, I do realize it is now the end of September (how did that happen?!?), but I’m going to take bite-size pieces to catch up with documenting life around here starting with August. The way my girls make their beds:2013-08-03 end of summer 84745Notice how cute that is and not the fact that they desperately need new bedding…I’m waiting ‘til we move to tackle that.  In a last-ditch effort to transform Elle into being a reader, I introduced her to “Twilight:”2013-08-03 end of summer 84747When it first came out and was all the rage I didn’t really want her to read it…didn’t want to get those hormones going too early 🙂 I love that Elle now “gets it” when food is pretty, and sometimes seizes the camera to take pictures.2013-08-04 end of summer 84750 I somehow missed this pic. for our writing on the walls post back HERE, but I love it so here you go:2013-08-05 untitled 84725(It’s on the wall going into my little closet office in the new house.) Our end-of-summer schedule:2013-08-06 end of summer 84788 A rare semi-clean kitchen:2013-08-06 end of summer 84789 Elle’s birthday celebration with cousins:2013-08-11 elle birthday 85129 A reunion with all my old Laurels I used to work with at church…and leaders too.2013-08-13 iPhone 85225They are all off doing their own things in the world and I miss them.  And love them.  I mean, are they cute or what?2013-08-13 iPhone 85226 Scary pic, but have to remember the night we scrambled around the high school for orientation to make it to all of Max and Elle’s classes.  2013-08-13 iPhone 85234Wow that high school is big! Sweet cousin Allie came to take Elle out for a birthday treat with her new driver’s license.  2013-08-14 iPhone 85241 I have about ten billion pictures of this in a few differing variations on my phone…2013-08-15 iPhone 85269 Dave’s cousin and his wife came to town and we utilized every second we could to talk over house stuff with them.2013-08-15 iPhone 85271Sam, in the middle above, has awesome house ideas. We ate the best bruschetta for lunch that I’ve ever had.2013-08-15 iPhone 85270I love bruschetta with a passion. I can’t say enough about how much I love these guys and how much help they were!!2013-08-15 iPhone 85272 Lucy’s sweetest ever cousin/friend Audrey:2013-08-16 iPhone 85288You may have noticed she writes “Audrey” on almost every piece of her artwork 🙂 Measuring again:2013-08-17 iPhone 85294 We are going to have to take this door with us when we move…2013-08-17 iPhone 85297 Claire is so lucky to have so many great cousins just her age.2013-08-17 iPhone 85298 Church swim party:2013-08-17 iPhone 85324 Excuse this super blurry picture but I have to remember Max’s first day blessing the sacrament at church.2013-08-18 iPhone 85327I cried his voice was so beautifully steady and thick with the spirit.  After words he said he was so nervous he could hardly see the paper he was holding it was shaking so much. Our cute friend/mentor for all these girls left for college.  She has had such an influence on these kids for good.  Love you Kiley!2013-08-18 iPhone 85328 Volleyball Family Home Evening: 2013-08-19 fall 854582013-08-19 fall 854662013-08-19 fall 85474 …trying to help Grace get ready for Jr. High volleyball tryouts.2013-08-19 fall 854752013-08-19 fall 854882013-08-19 fall 85518 Visiting Josh in his new, whiz-bang classroom.2013-08-19 iPhone 85331SOOO lucky to live close to him! Another friend birthday to celebrate:2013-08-19 iPhone 85334 The picture Max showed me how he wanted me to cut his hair:2013-08-20 iPhone 85335 …as close as we could get it:2013-08-31 iPhone 87143(More on NYC soon…) Lucy moved up another level in swim class.2013-08-20 iPhone 85344 Love this great little helper.2013-08-21 fall 85519She is so cheerful and helpful all the time…especially with Lucy.  I honestly don’t know what Lucy would do without her. What Lucy makes every. single. day in different variations:2013-08-19 fall 854502013-08-22 iPhone 85375 I love that Dora and La La Loopsy are taking naps.2013-08-22 iPhone 85376 I also love that someone randomly wrote up our FAMILY MOTTO on a scrap paper.2013-08-22 iPhone 85420Makes me believe that it is sinking in somehow… Grace on the first day of volleyball tryouts.2013-08-22 iPhone 85424So proud of her for doing something scary and hard.  More about that HERE. Claire’s “Cricket in Times Square” project:2013-08-23 iPhone 85430 A date with this guy on the lake:2013-08-26 iPhone 87013 …and his awesome brother and wife too.2013-08-26 iPhone 87015 Family Home Evening night at Costco….2013-08-26 iPhone 87033…best night ever.  Help with finding, unloading, no dinner mess…hmmm…thinking we should do that more often. Our third car saving grace to help us get around.  Her name is “Jenna” and man oh man are we ever grateful for THREE ways to get people where they need to be.  She’s got a LOT of miles under her belt so we hope she holds up ok!  This is how these two head off to school every day.2013-08-28 iPhone 87051 My nifty way to keep house-building tasks organized:2013-08-28 iPhone 87052 Lucy, fascinated with one of my old journals that I had out for some reason:2013-08-28 iPhone 87058 Selfie with my phone:2013-08-28 iPhone 87060 Elle is under the impression that shoes are optional.  2013-08-28 iPhone 87063 She got out of the car for mutual a couple weeks ago like this…no shoes anywhere to be seen.  Seriously?2013-08-28 iPhone 87065 After you get the carpet cleaned these girls think it is mandatory that you have a dance party with all the empty space.2013-08-28 iPhone 87067 2013-09-18 iPhone 87927No explanation needed 🙂 There we go.  August was a good one. On to September!

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  1. I have random scraps of paper around the house with *your* family motto on them. I lovelovelove your motto, and I am trying to work on one for our family.

  2. I'm a Jenna with a lot of miles under my belt too, but I still get people where they need to be, so let's hope your Jenna follows suit!

    Cute post. Love you family.

  3. You take such clever pictures. Thanks for sharing your great life with all us readers. Good luck on all those new house decisions. I can't wait to see the finished house.

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