Somehow the stars have aligned just right so the last two years to let me experience exquisite Fall leaves even though I have lived either in the desert or in a place where leaves don’t seem to turn (here in Shanghai…maybe I just need to be patient).
Last year when Grace and I went to my Grandma’s wedding up in Utah the leaves were at their peak and it was gorgeous (back here).  And this year, when I saw the leaves leading up the hills from my parents house as we drove up for my sister’s wedding my heart stopped for a minute in appreciation.

We took full advantage of hiking through that beauty a few times in the few scarce days I was there.

Love the discussions that ensued about the world and love and church and BBS and faith.

The morning after the reception my Mom (with a little bit of help from us) pulled of a surprise party for my Dad.  His birthday wasn’t until the end of the month, but my Mom figured we should celebrate when we were all together.  

My Dad, being the kind of guy he is, loves surprises and loved the whole thing.

My sister Saydi presented them with a book of our Bali pictures (from our trip last spring that I will get to posting about someday).  We all re-lived those grand memories for a little bit as we looked through it.

I posted the slide-show video my sister made for him on this blog on his real birthday, but here it is again because I love it.

So grateful for that guy.

After that my family helped me pack up and I headed out again…off to be with my dears at home in China again.

It felt like all was right in the world as I got to snuggle them all back up again. 

They didn’t sit around and twiddle their thumbs while I was gone…they had their own little adventures.

I was so happy when Dave texted me these pictures mid-wedding festivity.

Man I love all these folks.

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  1. I rarely if ever comment on blogs, but I had to share how much I love your blog. The pictures, activities, creativity, family friendships and eternal memories made are absolutely inspiring! I couldn't find any pictures from last year when you said you took Grace to your grandmother's wedding, but the pics you took recently of your sister's wedding are simply gorgeous! sending hugs to you and yours for a happy thanksgiving!

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