Max is thick into his basketball season.

He LOVES it.

Excuse the blurriness of these pictures, but seriously, I LOVE his expressions that exemplify his determination this year.

I like the tongue-hanging-out one:
Love the gaping open-mouth one:

And I love that my relatively shy boy is getting in there and pushing some kids around.
His team is totally undefeated which makes it extra fun to watch. Can you tell how excited the cheering section was?

Wow, maybe we could pep them up a little more this week…

Way to go, Max!!

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  1. so here are my thoughts on the canon mark ii….i'm liking the video capabilities (though my husband is going to get me a book on cinematography with the mark ii, so i'm sure i will have LOTS to learn). I tend to take a LOT of home-movies (and edit the into yearly videos), so i'm really excited to be able to be a bit more creative with my filming going forward. I've been really enjoying the full sensor, it's as if all my lenses are new lenses now….like i'm seeing through them for the first time. It's just fun, and i'm still learning lots about the camera….i've never used Nikon, so I can't really compare it to that….but as for videoing, it's lots of fun (you can blurr out your back ground, and then go in and out of focus on a subject…just much more fun than your boring video camera!)

  2. have them bring pom poms or make a poster or something. Lindsay often did this for Caroline's soccer games. It was too cute.

    By the way, I made the whole wheat waffles with agave and soy milk. So yum! I have eaten them this week with sliced bananas drizzled with agave and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Just a bit of sugar from the powdered sugar (mostly because it looks pretty), but no refined sugar in the batter, no refined sugar in the syrup. (Because unless you buy the real deal, and who can afford it, it is just sugar syrup.) I now have to start buying the agave in bulk because we are using it a lot. I think Foodwise carries it bulk and they are local.

    Now, have you ever shared your cookie recipe, the one the kids make?

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