Once upon a time there was a family with nine children.
Those children grew up and had children of their own.
And after years of dreaming of being a mother, the baby of those nine had a baby of her own…
…Smack-dab in the middle of London.  Which, as exciting and dreamy as it was, was still far, far away from those eight siblings of hers.  
So she and her husband came to the states to let them all meet her little dreamy baby Moses.
Her favorite older sister (;)) and niece made the trek (with stars in their eyes since they both had chronic cases of IWAN) to go make acquaintance with that newborn.

The excitement was palpable.

I’m pretty sure that baby Moses felt about the same way they did:

They cooed at him:

…snuggled him:

…took him on walks through the wonder of the gorgeous Fall that was enveloping Park City, descending with it’s decadent colors:

They soaked in the nature there like no one else could under the tutelage of their nature-loving Dad/Grandfather:

…who even at one point had them all stop to “taste” the freshness of the air.
(I don’t think anyone in the whole wide world internalizes nature like that man up there.)

Baby Moses tasted his own share of nature by letting out some great wails to celebrate his two-month mark:

And that older sibling felt ever-grateful for that uniquely wonderful Dad of hers.

…and that darling daughter she got to bring along.

…even as her heart sunk that she couldn’t bring her other children who were tied up on islands out in the middle of the ocean and cheerleading/school commitments.  Oh and her last child who is so worried about any newborn usurping her position as “baby” of her own family that she never gets too excited to meet any new ones.

Father/daughter horseback riding was in order to celebrate the perfect amount of crispness setting into the air.

Grandfather/granddaughter horseback riding followed…

…as well as cousins and aunts (another aunt and cousin joined in) and a grandmother accompanying that dear baby on some strolls down Park City main street:

…complete with candied apples.

(because nothing says “happy-two-month-birthday” like candied apples, right?)

An extended family baby shower was in store:

Breakfast with high school friends was had:

Last sister hugs were given:

(baby Moses already met the other sister back East on a stop they made back there)

…and baby hugs:

…and sad good-byes.

A quick stop at the temple with these cousins who couldn’t quite get enough of each other:

…and then on back home.

…where the darling dad of that desert family had held down the fort, whipping out a fabulous a braid in the youngest daughter’s hair one day:

Who knew he could do that??

And supporting that cheering star:

And all was well in the world.
The End (for now)
Congratulations Charity and Ian!  Thanks for letting us snuggle up that baby boy!  So excited for you and your new family addition!

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  1. Oh Charity is no longer the future mom in MFME. How exciting! Hey, is that a new thing above the front door at Linda and Richard's place? I love it.

  2. Great post! Did we have fun or what? That Claire is her mother's daughter! Plus, when your baby has a baby, it's a pretty big deal! Thanks for documenting!

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