Although the mission call turned out to be the overarching excitement during our quick hours in Utah, a business meeting and Baby Murphy are really what we had come for originally. This trip was scheduled before we knew the mission call was coming that day, and we just lucked out to get that added bonus.

Here’s Claire breaking the news to Baby Murphy that she was going to be leaving her for 18 months:

I’m pretty sure that might be the hardest thing for her to do. She is my pure baby girl.

Thank Heavens for FaceTime…but then there’s the 16 hour time difference…

It will all work out though, and she’s snuggling up baby Murphy as much as possible while she can!

I could hardly wait to get my hands on that baby again!

Dave gave her another little “coaching” pep talk.

Grace stole her from me so she could try out the carrier thing-a-ma-bobber.

But I got her back!

Can we just take a look at these cute parents?

I love them so, so much!

I posted a group photo when I posted about Claire’s call, but here are just the Pothier part of that group. Love that there are so many cousins up there (this just represents a portion of them).

My sister Saren got to meet Murphy for the first time:

(Yes, those are painted toenails, ha!)

Mission Questions

There were quite a few questions about missionary work in the comment section of the post about Claire’s mission call. Things like:

  • How mission calls are determined?
  • How much do missions cost and who pays?
  • Will Claire serve only in Sydney?
  • Why is she going to learn Mandarin in an English-speaking country?
  • Did Elle serve a mission?

I also linked to Max and Grace’s mission call openings. So check out the comments there if you have similar questions!


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  1. Just read through all of the comments. So interesting! I just had an encounter with missionaries in NY — was waiting for the subway and they asked if I wanted to join them for church. I (politely of course!) declined because I’m a practicing Catholic. However, I’ve always been curious about other faiths. I’ve always gotten the sense that LDS services are a bit more intimate and less anonymous than say a Catholic mass where anyone can walk in. Curious though if ever approached/invited again if it would be appropriate to want to join simply to learn more about the LDS Church, without any intention of converting?

    I am also so impressed by how missionaries are able to put away whatever shyness they have to be so inviting/warm/friendly. Has to serve them well after the mission too! (no pun intended 😉

    1. It would be completely appropriate! If invited by the missionaries, just let them know your intent. It is also completely appropriate just to go without an invite (and you may feel less pressure that way). You can look up online where the closest meetinghouse is and what times the services are. If you want to stand out less wear a dress (it’s fine to not wear a dress though also)- It just depends on if talking to people is part of the learning you want to engage in- or if you want to be a more passive observer. Truly though all are welcome in our services. Another way to learn is to google “ComeUntoChrist” and it will take you to the church’s website. If you’re curious about the Book of Mormon you can read it free online. Happy learning!

    2. Hi Molly! Jill answered better than I could! (Thank you Jill!). I love learning about other religions as well, and think it’s so interesting when I can attend church of a different religion. There is so much good out there in the world! You are absolutely welcome to come to church whenever, with no pressure at all. I hope wherever you go you are welcomed with open arms.

      I too am impressed by how missionaries are able to reach out in ways they never thought they could. I still think one of my favorite pictures ever is of my Max, who grew up so shy, sitting on his bike near an intersection just talking away to people on scooters next to him. People he didn’t know but made friends with. There is just something so beautiful about that!

      Thank you for your honest curiosity and love.

  2. The amount of love and joy in all of these pictures just makes me so happy. There is so much negativity in the world, and I always love reading your posts and seeing how much you celebrate, support and encourage one another.

    1. Yes, we’re actually a little overboard on the excitement category this month. May has been a pretty exciting month around here! Thanks for joining in on it with us!

  3. My oldest just got home from serving in Japan, which also has a 16 hour time difference. P-Day calls ended up being great for us, because he would call in the morning on his P-Day, and it would be Sunday evening back home. It was perfect and made Sundays extra special.

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