The day after I returned from the farm and my mother and sisters (over HERE), we got a special delivery:
My sweetest little 4-month-old nephew Thomas came to stay with us for a few days while his parents were in New York for some work things.
We fell head-over-heels in love with that baby boy.
Sure, we see him quite often.  But it’s always with a mass of other cousins and activity whirling around.  This time we got him all to ourselves, and we were pretty excited about that.
Lucy’s friends doted on him:

 The Young Women couldn’t get enough of him:

 Here he is joining in our “facemask night”…we were all trying to make our skin as baby-soft as his 🙂

Note how proud Lucy is there in the middle first of all because she got to come to mutual with us (Dave was out of town), but one of those awesome girls painted her fingernails.

Yeah, she felt pretty dang special that night!

Claire was glowing that she got to feed him and help so much.

Lu, on the other hand, was pretty mesmerized by her book:)

Dave and I took him on a little date with us…

He sure looks pleased as punch about that, don’t you think?

And Bo?  Well, she was a little jealous.

There were plenty of times during that little baby-stint where I daydreamed about making an even trade…this sweet baby’s parents could just pick up Bo and let us keep that sweet little piece of Heaven around here.  Even after a huge diaper-blow-out and fussiness trying to juggle bedtimes and trying to mix baby bottles while jugging homework and dinner.

One night in particular is vivid in my memory as I tip-toed in Claire’s freshly destroyed new shoes (compliments of Bo) because they were the only thing I could find to wear to throw away a messy diaper in the outside trash.  It was a perfect equilibrium evening with a soft breeze and I felt alive because I was in the midst of what life is made out of.

And I was full-on in it.

I forgot how different life is with a baby!  So much more calculated and slow, and for a few days it felt like I got nothing done aside from perfecting my swaddling techniques and trying to make enough faces at little Thomas to make him give me his huge baby grin.  I was late to everything, because I’m a late person anyway, but life is extra slow strapping a carseat in and making sure you have bottles and diapers and a burp cloth (he’s a super spitter just like I’m used to).  But it felt nice to dust off those mother-memory-muscles rocking the carseat with my foot while trying to teach art masterpiece and lugging a baby to the grocery store.

My favorite pics:


The last night Thomas was with us, Dave, Lu and I sat playing cards.  Thomas was bouncing on my lap and Bo was wrapping herself around our feet and I decided I was pretty attached to that Bo Jangles of ours.

Maybe I would let Thomas’s parents take him after all.  Ha!

But we sure loved having a baby around for a few days!


  1. I am pregnant with my second and found myself rocking an invisible baby as I read about you playing cards with baby Thomas on your lap. What a fun treat for your family!

  2. Oh I love this!!! My sixth and last baby will be seven months old this week. I've been enjoying his toothless little grin bc I know it's the last one, and after a fussy night last night he cut SIX teeth today, and I was crying right along with him!! It goes so fast and I look at my older kids and miss so much that heavy weight of newborn baby asleep in my arms at 2 am. Nothing makes you appreciate those wee hours wake ups like middle school drama!

  3. Have you ever thought of fostering? I feel like you would be great and be able to provide so much love for those little ones!

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