Thanks for all the good missionary questions on the last post about our new missionary Grace. I answered them back in that comment section, but I think we’ll need to do another Q&A once she gets in the swing of all that jazz. I think we’ll be on a steep learning curve for a few days at least!

In the meantime, let’s talk about another big thing that happened around here (ok, not as big as morphing into a real-life missionary, of course, but I think this girl thinks it’s that big…):

These “little” girls went back to real, in-person school.

After all that on-line business, (which I think the teachers have done an exceptional job at I must say), Lucy was ready to not be hovering with her eyes right next to her computer screen for hours on end every day trying to maneuver how to turn in homework assignments and skip through multiple screens. We really learned a lot about eyesight and needs for the last few weeks, and I’m so grateful for that, but so grateful that these kids can go back in person and learn so much more. Claire was over-the-moon excited to get back too, and has developed such a big appreciation for in-person school where she feels she learns so much more.

We are starting out with just two days per week…A-L goes Monday and Thursday, M-Z goes Tuesday and Friday, and everyone does online on Wednesdays. All fully masked up and socially distanced, of course.

This is for two weeks and then we’ll start into 5-day in-person school (for those who chose that option), next week, as long as all the covid numbers continue to look good.

Lu and I had the opportunity to go “walk the school” the week before that. She wanted to get her bearings straight and figure out where all her classes were.

I loved that Lucy requested we ride our tandem instead of driving despite the heat that day (felt so good to be on that bike again!), and I loved watching Lucy’s confidence build as she marched around the school and decided she wanted to walk her schedule twice.

And then there we were…riding that bike for REAL on her first real day of in-person school.

We had rainbow pancakes first, of course.

Then our high school JUNIOR left in a whirlwind…I only got a couple pictures of her:

But Lucy, on the other hand, WANTED a full photo shoot.

This never happens so I took full advantage of it 🙂

Of course, Bo needed to be a part of it as well.

And as you can see, that Bo Jangles of ourse was sure pleased as punch about that!


It was so quiet to ride our tandem to school with so few crowds, we didn’t even see another soul on the way to school.

And it was so great to get to do some mission prep with Grace while they were gone, and have them come home glowing from that new experience at school, masked and socially distanced, but still working. So grateful for school and all the things these girls learn there.

…and also for cookie chats…(our after-school-on-the-first-day-tradition where I get to hear all about the big day), which I neglected to even get a picture of…but I will have to post the recipe of our new favorites tomorrow because it’s too good not to share.

And there you have it…the beginning of a new world of school in the middle of a world pandemic.

Crossing our fingers we can all stay healthy and keep this thing going! And so grateful it’s finally here after such a long wait.

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  1. Yay back to school! My kids are at Queen Creek High we have been back for about a month Mon thru Friday so far so good!!

  2. Love the excitement in sweet Lucy’s face! My kids have been going M-F for 5 weeks now and this mama could not be more happy about it and although school is definitely different all three of my kids said they would much rather go than do any more online schooling. Hope Lucy and Claire have a wonderful year!

  3. I’m so happy they get to go back! I think the challenges of distance learning are exponentially harder for kids with any sort of special need, I am seeing that first hand with my autistic son, and hearing that from other parents of children with special needs and disabilities, too. It’s a hard, strange, imperfect year and it’s scary to send them back, too. Lots of positive wishes for you and the girls!

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