Here’s what we got of the first day back on Wednesday.

Junior High kids:
Elle trying to show off her shoes:

Max trying to mock Elle’s pose:
(that was my fav. picture)

Elementary school kids:

Waiting for the bus (that never actually came that day):

Shots from when my friend and I snuck in to spy on our kids:
(Claire was a little nervous in that last one since she was just realizing she was the only one in class who’s mother forgot to fill her backpack to the brim with all kinds of school supplies. Don’t worry, she lugged them all to school the next day.)

After school “cookie chats:”
I think it’s safe to say everyone’s pleased as punch with their new teachers and classes and friends and school supplies (Claire has declared me to be the best mom in the world like five times because I gave in and got her a 3-ring binder with those kittens on the front).

Yep, even that Elle has found friends in every class.

Things are good in the desert.

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  1. Have I told you lately that I love to see the manicured lawns, shrubbery and the sidewalks? We give all of that up for the mountains and the beauty that is Alaska (although we just had 26 consecutive days of rain here and THAT is no fun!). Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The bus NEVER comes the first day of school around here. DRIVES me crazy…it's been five years…c'mon!
    Love that your older kids can ride bikes to school.
    And that you actually trekked down yourself to snap photos…I think I might just lay in the driveway and look at the sky and take deep breaths and hear NOTHING but silence. (Except for Patrick of course.)

  3. Oh my… just had a menopausal minute looking at the back to school pics! Sometimes those sneaky tears just come without notice. Your kiddos are so darn cute Shawni! The pictures remind me of my own five… and how rapidly those back to school moments vanish. How is it possible my two youngest are in high school? Continue to enjoy and relish each and every precious moment.

  4. Kitty binder! Priceless. I'm always telling the kids they can pick out ONE fancy notebook and the rest are the plain old boring ones. Thanks for the little boosts in morale on any given day 🙂

  5. For some unusual reason I always feel uplifted and inspired after I check in on your blog. Usually while I blogstalk I feel incompetent, guilty, and overcome with self-doubt as I compare my life with those in cyberpsace. You seem to have this "you can do it!" attitude that can be felt thru the screen. Maybe it's because I read your book when it first came out and found your thoughts refreshingly honest and genuine! Maybe it's your smile:) Thank you.
    Out of all your great idea's, what I really want to know is the paint color you used in your kitchen? I keep seeing bits of it in your photo's and I love it!

  6. Beautiful kids…I love all the first day of school outfits! And I love that you and your friend pulled off a "sneaky" … sounds like something that I would have done!!

  7. Thank you for inspiring me today to be a better mom! We made pinatas for our going back to school celebration today instead of moping about my husband being out of town. Thank you for writing and sharing with all of us strangers! My kids thank you even more!

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