Just to add a little spice to the new dog chaos and hoopla around here, the afternoon after Bo Jangles arrived, Dave’s business partner’s wife and two kids arrived from China.  We are taking care of their two most adorable girls for two weeks while they attend a conference back East.

That great family took such amazing care of Max when he did his internship in China after his Junior year of high school, we have been anxious for the opportunity to take their girls for a little while here in the States.  
We fell in love with their four-year-old Olivia when she came to visit with her parents as a baby back HERE, and we fell in love with her older sister Jada (who is now six-years-old) when we lived in China (there’s a post about them back HERE).  So we were all pretty excited anticipating having them here with us.  I must admit I was a little worried when I realized the timing was exactly when Bo would arrive, and what would we feed them (they eat so differently in China), and how much English would they speak, and how homesick would they be?  
But man alive these two children are little dreamboats (at least so far!).

They are the best of friends and my big girls adore having them around.
They helped celebrate Claire’s birthday and drew her a big poster because they watched Lucy do her candy bar one…

They went to a birthday lunch with us:

They were pretty excited about the cake too:

We sent Tammy off to New York to meet her husband for the conference on Sunday afternoon…

 …and then it was just us.

The newest version of “us” with Bo snuggled at one of our feet at all times.

So far literally these girls have been so good!  They both speak English from learning in school, but because they’re a little shy too I’m not sure they totally understand what’s going on most of the time.  They are best of friends though and just as content as can be to be along for the ride.

They are sleeping in Elle’s bedroom and when I went in that first night to help them get ready for bed I found that they had cleaned up everything, clothes folded and put away, and were ready to get in the shower like this:

They were delighted with the bedtime story we shared and are just so happy.

The next morning they got up and dressed, and rolled up their pajamas all perfectly.

And colored, and made little cute cards for me.

They even made their own job charts.

Killing me with their adorableness.

So here we are, my three companions and I for the next two weeks:

(We got Bo’s hair combed that day, we were a little later with the girls…ha! πŸ™‚
Here’s a glimpse into our trip to the grocery store:

I’m going to have a hard time letting them leave!


  1. Hi Shawni–Real quick. Who has Bo taken to as her leader? I'm always so fascinated by that in families! I'm guessing Dave?? Our dog listens best (and adores) my husband in our family!

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