Bo went to fluffy-as-all-get-out to bald the other day.

It will grow, right?



  1. Haha, we have a goldendoodle puppy that had a similar haircut a few months back. My mom laughed so hard at the picture I sent her she was in tears. It does grow… although not quite fast enough 😉

  2. I promise this comment isn't mean, just meant to inform. That breed doesn't need their fur trimmed unless it's really matted. They have a double-coat that keeps them cool. So when you shave their fur it actually makes them hotter (weird, right?) and their fur often grows back slower and more coarse. If you're cleaning and brushing their fur regularly they should be just fine. That is what our breeder and groomer told us anyway.

  3. Poor Bo. He looks pitiful. I hope you didn't pay ! Our vet told us to groom every 6-8 week–but our doggie is typically at the length of Bo before his haircut–and to brush daily. I did want to say something about all the holding of Bo. Our dog is 25 pounds and looks similar in size. It's not safe to carry a dog they way that I've often seen. They are quite different than cats and usually can't righten themselves to prevent a severe joint or head injury. It's safer to keep them leashed in their puppyhood or until they can obey a place command with distraction. Our dog is now 2 years old and if a lot of people are around I'll leash him and just let him drag it around in case I need to keep more control of him. Just my 2 cents after 4 dogs :). Oh, and a previous groomer de-fluffed the tail on our bichon. Looked just like a rats tail. Took 8 months to look normal. Thankfully Bo's face remains darling

  4. This happened to us with our schnauzer/poodle mix. We told the groomer to use the two longest clipper settings and when we got her back she was so unrecognizable that I actually said it wasn't my dog when they brought her out. I literally didn't recognize her! Turned out they had used the two shortest settings! The good news is that it grew out pretty fast and she was back to looking like her curly self in no time. We actually keep her a little shorter now in general since it keeps her paws (she's a licker) and backside cleaner. When we do let her grow out a little longer she's as much of a soft, wooly sheep as she ever was. No corseness or straightness at all.

  5. My labradoodle has had a few bad cuts over the years. I swear she acts embarrassed when we get her back. It's the funniest thing. And yes, it will grow back and at least you don't even have to brush her for a while!

    1. Lee Ann could not be more correct. Our golden doodle Daisy has had some BAD haircuts over the years, and we too think she is completely embarrassed for a week or two. At least that is what it seems like….dogs are great!

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