That’s what I am.

I just want to apologize that it has taken me forever to get my “Mormon Mom Blogger” packets out.

I promise they are still coming…just a little more interest than I anticipated 🙂  But I’m now I’m almost in the clear of my overwhelmed state so please still keep the requests coming if you’re interested…and be patient with me for another week or so.  After that, anticipate that little package arriving in your mailbox.

Happy weekend!

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  1. I am just laughing at this post because it makes me feel better. I have two packages I was supposed to send TWO MONTHS ago and I keep texting them with lame excuses why I just could not get them mailed off. I am seriously the worst mailer ever. Least favorite "to do" on my list. I can't imagine if I had all that to send out. I would be in trouble. I feel your pain. 🙂

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