We don’t leave our cabin and the lake vicinity very often up here. We have enough going on with so many little kids around to keep us busy as bees.

But my Mom does take the grand kids on excursions each year for “Grammie Camp.” (More on that later.)

They go to local museums and usually go see a play at the Pickleville Playhouse on the other side of the lake each year.

This year the play was called “Bandito Rides Again.”

And I am telling you, anyone in the Bear Lake vicinity must go see it. It is so clever and so funny (and I’m not even really a play kind of girl). My mom sent a group of us over to see it one night because everyone had loved it so much, and then we sent everyone else, including the “tweens.”
They loved it…of course.

p.s. On a different note, my sister wrote up a great little sum-up of our years at Bear Lake here that I’m so glad to have. Thanks, Sar.


  1. Hey!
    are you guys related to Brick and Susan Eyre near Chicago IL?! I did their family photos about 3x and just wondered!!! They have 5 kids too!

  2. We love Pickleville and Juanito Bandito! TJ does an amazing job, what a mad talent!

    Your Bear Lake posts have me counting down to our Bear Lake week, mid August.

    Loved reading your sisters blog, with the story of the Bear Lake cabins. All of our extra pennies go in the Cabin at the Lake fund. Honestly I thought we would have a place there by now, but trust it will come in good time, and trying to be patient. (not one of my virtues. ha!)

    Thanks for sharing. Life is good!

  3. Shawni-

    We LOVED bandito! It was hilarious. Ryan and Anna (Saydi's friend) are there this week and I told them they have to go if they can swing it.

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