Dave had his debut appearance as a basketball coach today. He did awesome. Ok, and so did Max. And because Dave is the coach he somehow thinks I’m his secretary and that I should be in charge of all the calls and e-mails. Even things that he doesn’t ask me to do he’s assumed that I’ve already done. Hmmmm. Have I really pulled the veil over his eyes so thick that he would think that I’m that on the ball?? Well, maybe he’s thinking that I should take some responsibility since I’m the one who suggested he should finally coach this year. Well, ok, maybe it was more of a push than a suggestion…maybe a little bit of a guilt trip. But hey, our one boy is growing up and since he’s in 5th grade and over five feet tall Dave’s excuse of not having enough patience for coaching little kids doesn’t have much clout any more. So, I guess I’m ok with being the “team secretary” (which so far translates into the “team mom”), because I haven’t been so quick to jump on that in any of the other vast amounts of teams our kids have been on. (And don’t let the sheer number of teams they’ve been a part of translate into the assumption that that number signifies that they are great athletes, because sadly to say our children have all inherited a good share of my athletic and coordination abilities, which are pretty dismal. Luckily they do have some of Dave in them too so they can carry their own.)

So Dave led the team to their first victory today and it was great.
Here’s Max with the game-winning shot. Ok, so it wasn’t the one that won the game, but it was a good one.Check out the sheer determination of these kids…so obviously influenced by that good looking coach clear over there on the side lines.Boy do I love those boys.

So, hats off to Dave the coach, Max the exceptional player, and me, the secretary. We’re in for a fun season!

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  1. Go Max, go!

    Good luck with all your responsibiities, Shawni! I do love that silent assumption that all will be taken care of. That thought landed my husband in jail!! (I didn’t pay his $40 ticket, instead tried to teach him some responsibility. That bit me in the butt, big time. From now on I will open and take care of all his mail!)

  2. Your boy is so cute! You are so lucky you have him. My boys have NO athlethic ability (they get that from 2 sides me and Cory) so I have to do other sports like snowboarding and hockey with them. They seem to do better at individual sports than team ones. Good luck being the team mom..you’ll be great I am sure!

  3. This is such a cute post Shawni. I can always feel the enthusiasm in your writing! I am under the impression that you are THAT “on the ball”. You totally are! People sometimes get that impression about me and let me tell you it is FALSE! LOL

  4. Go Dave and Max! This year is the first that Tom won’t coach Cole’s basketball team. I just love these games and these boys are so dang cute.

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