I just realized I never summed up the end of Max’s basketball season. And I can’t not sum it up because it was one heck of a fun season.

It seems that every other year Max has played basketball (which is a bunch) I could count the number of times the team won on one hand. That’s cumulative…every season included. I don’t know how that worked out that way, but it did.

But this year was different. This team won every game they played. They wowed all us parents on the court (especially since they were a shorter than average and younger team on the league).

They had such an awesome coach and some exceptional players.
Well, their undefeated winning streak lasted the entire season…right up until the championship game. Then that other team went ahead and scooped up first place from within their very grasp.
They look ok about it though.

Way to go boys!!

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  1. What a fun year! We've got to come and see him in action next season! Shoot (excuse the pun) sorry we missed that. We'd sure rather be watching Max than the Jazz (or the Suns for that matter). Give him a hug from us!

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