I am back after being a little MIA for the last week or so since I have been in the depths of this:

And this:

And this:

(my beloved Bear Lake and the annual Eyre reunion).

As well as this

The first time our whole family was together since before Grace left on her mission. And my heart was brimming with happiness about that!

Yesterday my niece Elsie and I made the long drive back to the desert.

She and her family are moving here (which I wrote about back HERE, and she has to start school before the rest of her family so she’s my buddy for a little bit until they get here).

Everyone else is tucked back into their lives, Dave and Lucy are en route back from doctor appointments in Wisconsin, and we are gearing up for school to start on Tuesday.

But I wanted to say that I finally had time today to respond to some of the comments on posts from last week. There was so much going on there that I was wishing I could get back to, but had to prioritize some family time. So check that out if you’d like and for today, just sending lots of love on out.

And also this podcast I listened to as I worked my tail off trying to scrub down our sand-filled-post-trip car this morning:

(I thought it addressed some of the concerns of commenters in that other post, listen to is HERE.)

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