That quote, “be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2) hit me with so much beauty this morning as I was riding the tandem home from dropping Lucy off at school, her empty seat bumping along behind me.

I was finishing listening to a podcast for my podcast discussion group coming up, and guys, these episodes we’re listening to are SO GOOD…I figured too good not to share here on the blog.

I thought they were fascinating, part one and part two.

PART ONE is an overview of the study of happiness, (which my brother and also my brother-in-law have studied deeply). He shares some beautiful practices about happiness that we can incorporate into the every day and it’s just so inspiring.

You can listen to that one HERE, or click on the link below:

As a side-note, Dave and Grace both sent me this this week:

Ha! Yes, happiness is temporary, but I love the tips Shawn gives in that podcast to get back on track when all those “+4″s are placed on the deck.

Then PART TWO was so good too, filled up more with Shawn Anchor’s struggle with depression in his own life and how he was transformed.

This is the one that quoted Romans from the Bible about how we can be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Such a beautiful concept to think about.

Each day we are renewing.


Whether we know it or not.

It made me so grateful for all the things I’ve been reading lately that have renewed my mind (I’ll share more on that next week). It made me grateful my mind is renewed as I think about parenting dilemmas, my online class I’m taking on developmental psychology (a new one).

My mind is renewed each time I talk to a friend and delve deep. Or lay awake at night talking up to the ceiling in the dark with Dave.

It’s renewed when I’m up against something more difficult than I think I can handle. It’s renewed when I fail, and try to learn from that failing.

It’s renewed when I take all those second chances God keeps being willing to give.

And the key is, to me, letting all those little and big renewals work inside me to help me “be transformed.”

No one can do that work for me. I have to put in the work for it myself.

That was my tangent take-away…some thoughts for a Friday morning. But I’m sure you’ll get your own tangent take-aways for whatever is keeping you up at night in your own world.

So I just wanted to share. Here’s that “part two” below:

Listen HERE or click on this link below:

Lots of thoughts to take us into the weekend.

Hope you have a happy one.


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