Meanwhile, as Claire was en route to be walking through all those cobblestone streets in Europe, Lucy and I were walking this well-worn road surrounding Bear Lake so happy to be reunited with sisters and cousins…

(And sure thinking of Claire a LOT!)

Taking in the sunsets and meeting my new niece and nephew (twins) who were born in England in the middle of the pandemic:



Being so happy for Lucy who was pleased as punch to be reunited with her “LELE” group at the lake (missing Elsie & Skye in this picture):

And waiting for Dave and the married kids to join us.

Elle and Claire passed each other going opposite ways across the country, both connecting through Dallas (Elle to meet us for my nephew’s wedding and Claire en route to the Netherlands). Too bad they weren’t just a few hours later/earlier so they could have hugged each other up for a minute in the airport as they crossed paths.

I was anxious getting notifications about Claire’s flight all day, wondering how she was doing, and then Elle’s flight from Dallas kept getting delayed and delayed. And then delayed some more.

But hooray, she made it!

And we were all pretty happy about that.

The great news is that Carson figured out a way to join as well (we didn’t think we were going to get him because of finals and deep school stuff, but because of online opportunities and some things with his family he was able to make it after all, and we were so excited!)

Those two went right to work on the tennis court with Eli & Grandfather:

(Because of some work commitments, Max and Abby couldn’t make it up to the lake until the next day.)

This summer at the lake was a little different from most, because WE HAD A WEDDING AT THE LAKE!

My nephew Ashton and his beautiful fiance chose Bear Lake as the place to make their vows and it was the wedding of all weddings I tell you!

It was the perfect kick-off for the reunion this year.

Their wedding dinner was on the other side of the lake the night before, and it was a sweet, beautiful evening.

Accidental matchers:

Some relatives including my very witty sister-in-law gave some beautiful tributes.

My dad, (complete with his awesome orange pants), presented them with a boa constrictor snake skin Ashton had always loved, and gave some pretty sweet analogies to marriage with that as a prop.

Can you see it down there stretched between Ash and Lexy?

I love my brothers:

And oh gosh, I sure love my eccentric dad too! 🙂

Ashton is a videographer extraordinaire and they had some such a great slideshow of their growing-up years and the sweetest tribute to their dating years. Those two have already had some pretty incredible adventures!

We basked in the beauty of that glowing couple under the glowing sunset sky and all was right in the world.

…Except I did wish I had Dave were by my side…and that my other big kids could share this beauty with me too! Luckily I got to be with all these lovies:

It was a good wedding-eve.

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  1. I saw the wedding pix on Lexy’s IG… her dress, although beautiful, was obviously not LDS approved… spaghetti straps, shoulders and cleavage all over the place….and slit to upper thigh…and the poses, very to assume she and Ashton are no longer practicing LDS…?

    1. Something I teach my children: It really is never safe to assume things about other people’s personal business.

      1. Always good advice. But it becomes less personal when it’s on a public IG page, no? Especially knowing that her husband is an Eyre offspring and that family is known for touting the LDS religion. Maybe she has a rebellious streak. It’s a fair question.

      2. I am guilty of making the same assumption, too.
        However I appreciate that the couple is not shunned, but that their wedding is celebrated. On a beloved family property and from what Saren posted almost all family members attended.

        Sister Peg, I actually didn’t understand your comments as judgemental and for what it’s worth, I think you should keep on following this blog. Respecting free agency and loving thy neighbour is part of the LDS doctrine, isn’t it?

    2. Sister Peg, are you trying to be judgmental? The picture you are referring to is not anywhere in this post so why bring it up? I understand when people put images on social media they are opening themselves up for judgment, but what pleasure do you get out of pointing out others’ faults? Your comments lately seem to be very negative. If this blog makes you unhappy enough to look for faults in others then maybe you should quit reading.

      1. Actually, no. I thought this was a blog by an LDS mom about her LDS family. But then I see the double piercings, and the immodest wedding dress.. obviously the family is not really devout… yes, maybe I should look for a blog where the family is actually following the LDS religion, not looking for loopholes not to.

        1. I’m not LDS, not even American, but I really like this blog because it reminds me of all the good things, LDS or not, and your comments remind me of something I would never want to behave like, LDS or not.
          Beautiful post as always, it reminds me to appreciate beautiful moments in my own life and beautiful people too, those who inspires me to grow and strive. This is the place where I gain perspective on my own struggles and find the ways to heal through the openness, imperfections and bravery of the others. I truly enjoy reading it. Those are maybe just a snnipets of somebody’s life but a cumulative effect of everything here is just somehow beautiful and powerful. And it takes perseverance to create it. Much more than to write down my comment or any other, also much more bravery and honesty to deal with person’s own life and offer something to the others along the way.
          p.s. not a native English speaker, sorry.

        2. People who go through the temple have the dress code you are thinking. You can be a member and have not gone through the temple. Are you going to consider Afghanistan women who don’t wear the burka non muslims? It’s a religion not a cult. You can associate with family whether they are members in the same standing or not. With a cult you can’t or won’t. Really being upset with an aunt over her niece in laws wedding dress?

        3. I’m sorry, what? How does this couple’s fashion choices for their wedding make their entire family less devout? LDS people believe in free agency and choices, don’t they? So how does the bride and groom’s choices determine the family’s overall faithfulness?

    1. She really did! It was just not a dress I would have thought was consistent with LDS modesty standards. But you’re right, by secular standards it was a perfect dress!

  2. The pre-wedding dinner looks awesome! How fun to have everyone relaxed to celebrate the couple. How weird for you to be without so many of your chickadees with Grace on a mission, Claire flying to Europe, and Max working. Your family reunions just continue to amaze me and make me a little jealous 🙂

    I have a question – I always assumed – and you KNOW what they say about making assumptions – that LDS men need to do a mission prior to getting married. I don’t think Ashton has been on a mission. Is it a requirement? A general practice? Thanks for elucidating me.

    P.S. Your father’s pants are a hoot!

    1. It’s strongly encouraged for men, but not required. It’s also a decision that relies on prayer and personal choice. There are many couples who have a wedding ceremony like this in addition to a temple sealing. I don’t follow closely enough to know his religious involvement, so I won’t speculate upon what the reason was for this type of wedding rather than a temple wedding. But I do think it was lovely that it was thoroughly enjoyed by both sides of the family, and that everyone had a great time at a beautiful family home. It was also very special to have his grandfather officiate the ceremony! It’s very nice to see that regardless of religion, the family was able to be at this wedding and celebrate a very happy and in love young couple.

  3. Your pictures are breathtaking, and I love how joyful everyone is. Do you happen to know where she got her wedding dress? It is absolutely gorgeous, and she is stunning bride!

    1. Such a stunning and HAPPY bride! Someone commented that she posted photos of her dress on instagram. brides often tag their dresses and other wedding details, so perhaps she’ll have that information there? Good luck!

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