We arrived here to this blessed spot after Max’s tournament:
Every year our first sighting of the lake as we round the last few bends of the canyon fills us all up with so much joy.
It’s weird what feelings memories can create.  
A kind of bond with a place like nothing else.
As I have listened to my kids anticipation this year I’ve had to smile.  
They have definitely caught the vision.
For so many years we have sat in this spot and watched our children play endless hours in the sand.

We have watched storm after storm roll in and turn the lake so many vivid hues.

We have watched and fallen in love with hundreds of different sunsets.

And hundreds of different skies.

Baby after baby has joined in the fun.

…and they have all grown and grown.

…and as they grow, so does their love of the lake.

I love the extra relaxing days before the annual reunion begins.  Here are some things that happened this year:

One of my very dearest friends came and joined us for a couple days.

Loved getting a chance to catch up with her relaxing watching the beauty in front of us:

…and taking in the beauty all around us on a morning walk:

Grace loved that she let her take a little driving lesson on the beach.

These two took my Mom’s addiction to picking weeds to heart.

My Dad had a little financial meeting with the grandkids who took on his challenge to write a little report about the year 1921 before they came (which happened to be his Dad’s birth year) and also the year when Morgan silver dollars were made.  He took that as a chance to teach the kids how important it is to do the 10-20-70 principal (more about that HERE and HERE) and to save and invest.

I am so grateful for that great man.

He gave them each a couple silver dollars to invest.

The cousin “groups” started rolling in.  
These two are Claire’s age and she is so in love with them.

Lucy found a book on drawing and has been drawing up a storm.

A few of my favorites:

 She’s started into the side profiles too 🙂

Also, probably the most important pre-reunion happening was that ELLE CAME HOME FROM ENGLAND!!
(to be continued…)


  1. Yay! I've been eagerly anticipating your bear lake posts! My grandmother lived near there and would take us there in the summer. It's been over ten years since I was last there… seeing you all enjoying it fills my heart with love and gratitude for my family and the memories of that place! Thank you, Shawni!

  2. I love reading your blog. I am a yoing mom and it has been such an inspiration. I was wondering if you ever have time if you could share about yourvparenting opinion on videogames, tablets and snartphones? I am trying to figure out how to balance all these new gadgets kids have. It's terrifying!

  3. I absolutely LOVE Bear Lake!!! We were just camping at the Hot Springs the first of this week and on the way home we passed your family beach house, lots of cars so I figured it must be reunion time! Enjoy the greatest place on earth!!!

  4. So excited for the rest of your bear lake pics! i think your eyre reunions are my favorite posts ever. I just love seeing how you all organize it and all the events you have with so many people. question: not sure if you have answered this before but where do you all sleep? do you do rooms by family or put kids all together? thanks shawni!

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