These Bear Lake posts are sifted through all the Fall chaos as I can get to them, but I think this is the last one.  I’m posting this one from Wisconsin.  Missing that lake a lot just about now!  I wrote this a while back but haven’t had the chance to post yet.  Here you go.
After the reunion (back here and here and here) we love to stay at the lake and just bask as long as we can.  The crazy thing is that as spread out as we all are all over the country (where everyone lives over HERE…although a few of them have moved since then…right now there are siblings in NYC, Boston, Washington D.C., Utah, San Francisco, ), most are able to figure out a way to stay for extended weeks at the lake.
Since everyone was staying after the reunion and my girls were well taken care of, Dave and I snuck away for a few days to work on house stuff back home.  Max came with us because he have volleyball and work.

I can only get non-posed pictures from these boys lately but sometimes you just have to capture things.
Every moment was sheer bliss I tell you.  We didn’t disagree about anything at all.
Ha!  Did I get you on that one?  It was actually a stressful trip, but we sure got a lot done.
It was good to get back to the girls and enjoy a few more days up there with everyone.
The basement of our cabin looked like this the majority of the summer.
…and these kids looked like this a LOT:

…and my girls looked like this:

…every moment they could.

Grace took her “tutor/tutee” responsibility very seriously and sure got attached to her little cousin Emmeline:

(see the tutor/tutee dealio back here.)
…and the two of us wore matching polka dots one day….

My cousin got married this summer so we had a shower for her up at the lake.

(My sweet Grandma enjoyed it from her shoulder.)

This is my aunt with a few of her beautiful girls.

The whole group:

My sisters and I with the majority of our girls:

My Dad’s mom:

With Grandma:

Love her so much.

Testing the light for the bridal photo shoot Elle and my sister did for my cousin:

A few of Elle’s pics:

Our sweet Eva‘s son was able to get baptized in the lake.
Crazy rides to and from the beach.

My brother’s birthday:

His cute wife Julie always does something awesome with the number he is turning.  This year it was pictures of his life all forming a giant “30.”  I wish I had close-ups…amazing photos reminded me of all the amazing adventures these two have taken already.

We had my mom’s sister’s family up for a day.  After a LOT of begging from the teenagers I took them out on a boating adventure.  I’m not much of a boat driver which was exasperated by the fact that we had a broken tube they wanted to ride on…which got more and more broken and filled with water as we went.  We finally chugged back into the marina and luckily I had these two boys to help paddle the boat into a little spot on the end there.  

Lots more to that story with no pictures to explain so I hope I remember that fun night and a little bit scary sunset ride with teenagers on the lake.

A few of my cousins’ kids slept over (including sweet Cami who I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of).

And suddenly it was time to say goodbye after only two weeks this year (usually we stay for a month…we had a lot of house-building-babysitting to get back to as well as Max’s Florida volleyball tournament).
But oh how we knew we’d miss these grand times.

…til next year…

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  1. Lovely pix:)

    I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you & your family at this difficult time. Even with the gospel losing a loved one is really hard.

    Your Grandma sounded a lovely lady.

    Take care & I will remember you & your family in my prayers at this difficult time.X

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