We are here.
Bear Lake is this gorgeous little lake on the Utah/Idaho border. My mom grew up in a little town close by, and my dad fell in love with the lake enough to surprise my mom as a wedding gift with a plot of land here (bought with all her savings…yep, he moved right in). Growing up my parents wrote books and it didn’t matter where they wrote them from, so Bear Lake is where we headed every summer.I get greedy for this place. I get greedy for the green fields lining the roads on the way up. They’re so green it’s almost surreal. I love the way the lake changes colors every day. Some days it’s aqua, some days it’s deep blue. Some days it’s ice blue. And sometimes one half is a different color than the other half.

My sisters and I come with our kids for July. My parents of course come too. I love being with them. I love that the kids are happy for hours and hours on the beach. I love that my kids are working so hard on their summer goals (yes, bribery is involved, but hey, it works). I love that I get to water ski and help my kids get up on skis too. I love the art of sand castle building. I love that life just slows down here. I have limited Internet access, and we have no tv or other things to take us away from time with our kids, reading, games and each other. If I were stranded on a desert island (which this sometimes feels like) my sisters are pretty good people to be with. We have reading and crafts with the kids each day.
I love not having all the distractions from home and belonging to my kids for a little while.

I must say we miss Dave like crazy, but we’re holding strong ’til he gets here next week.

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  1. I’m so bummed out we won’t see you guys next week. Let’s get a plan together for next year. Beach house or Bear Lake or both! Love you guys, Claudia

  2. Oh we miss you guys, and we wish that we were coming there this weekend! But we can’t, Callie doesn’t do very well in the car and she doesnt sleep very well if it is not in her crob! But we will miss you all! Tell everyone hi for us!
    Love, Nat,Tony and Callie

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