In the desert you sometimes have to look a little harder for beauty.

Sure, cacti and all that jazz are beautiful in their own way…especially at sunset. But I think you kind of have to grow accustomed to that type of beauty.

It’s not the kind of beauty you just get drenched in whether you’re looking for it or not like you do in the Fall in Virginia, or on a sunlit field of wheat in the Bear Lake valley in Idaho.

But when you see the desert in something like this:
All the beauty becomes crystal clear.
Man, we live in a gorgeous place.
And man, we are spoiled to have friends like these to take us up…And I couldn’t help but make the analogy to life…sometimes it takes getting up above the muddle of what doesn’t seem so beautiful when you’re sitting right in the middle of it.
Sometimes you just have to rise up above the tough stuff in life and try to see it like God does. And somehow from that vantage point, all the true beauty make sense. You understand how it’s making you stronger and better.

I love different perspectives.

Thanks guys, for helping us see a new one.

What a date night!

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  1. Oh Shawni, you got to do my life’s dream!!! I’m so jealous. I LOVE flying. Someday I’ll find some friends as cool as yours that’ll take me up for an altered perspective.

  2. So great guys. Trent won a helicopter ride for 3 at our scout auction last year but we still haven’t gone! I’m not sure if we will…maybe Annie and Dan will have to go in our place since it’s her life dream :).

    Nice Easter pics!

  3. What an awesome date night!! Nathan and I did that a few years ago — some friends took us — it was SO beautiful. My favorite part was going right over our neighborhood and finding our house.

  4. i seriously desperately need your book for mothers day. i begged my husband to get it for me- i am hoping he follows through. so… after i get it, can i mail it to you and get it autographed???
    i think i can make it through this motherhood stuff… thanks for inspiring me to enjoy this season of my life πŸ™‚

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