Max called me from his friend’s house the other evening and told me to go look at the sunset.

Let me repeat that: from his friend’s house…actually, probably in the middle of playing football (their regular) out in the gully by his friends house (how else would he notice the sunset?). The thing that gets me is that not only did he notice, but he thought to borrow his friend’s cell phone and call his mother.

He knew I would love it.

And he was right.

It is STILL melting my heart all these days later.

Thanks, Max.

I love you.

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  1. wish your max and my christian could be neighbors, they would like each other a lot. Somedays I think what did i do to deserve such a sweetie, and then realize it's not me, but it's just who he is. That is a sweet story.

  2. My husband always orders our girls and me beautiful sunsets and sunrises. So now when ever he is away and our girls see one they always say something to the effect "Dad was so kind to order a wonderful sunset!" Love this post, I have been wondering what I could blog about and this post got my head out of a slump, Thanks!

  3. What a sweet guy! I have three boys and all I ever hear from people is that they're going to ignore us. I hope I'm half the mom that you are!

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