I know this sounds funny, but sometimes I just get overcome with how beautiful fruit is. I mean, seriously, check out this strawberry:
I think there must have been a contest in Heaven for who could invent the most beautiful fruit. And although it would be a tough call, I personally think strawberries won.

And then there are flowers. What a wide array of beauty.

We live in a beautiful world.I think this one (above) may have actually been taken by my sister Saren…is that right Sar? Love it.
And I’m so thankful for that.


  1. HEAVEN! Shawni can you remind me of the website for your friend who has done canvases of some of your photographs for the I Love Lucy Project? I want to order something!

  2. thanks for showing me the beauty, in even the little things that we all take for granted.
    P.S. I am pretty sure you could make ANYTHING look amazing though with your mad photography skills!!!
    Christa Johnson

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