Every once in a while I take Claire and Lucy to the bathroom before I go to bed (when I know they’ve had a bunch to drink before bed). Each time I have to do that dreaded duty (because I am SO darn tired by the time I finally head up to bed at night) I start out grumpy. But I remind myself it’s better than the alternative: getting up to change sheets in the middle of the night.

I pick up Lucy first, who’s getting so heavy to lug to the toilet. But something about her softness as she drapes over my shoulder like a giant rag doll digs into my heart and makes me love her even more than ever. Then I go to Claire. She is far from snuggly, her bones angled out as she straightens her body out like a board and looks at me in tired confusion. When I tuck her back in bed her hug lingers after I lay her down…squeezes me tight and then releases me to return gently back into dreamland.

I love things that remind me, even on the not-so-fun tasks, how blessed I am to get to be a Mother: one who does the mundane tasks but who gets rewarded far beyond them.

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  1. I often read your blog and rarely comment, but this sweet post was just what I needed today to remind me why I love this job so much. It really is the mundane that can touch your heart. Thank you for the lovely reminder.

  2. I just got your book "A Mother's Book of Secrets" for Christmas and I absolutely love it. I've actually decided to try one thing at a time that you've mentioned and tracking all the experiences on my blog. (starting with the boogie bag) I can already see the change it's making in my attitude and my home. Thanks for all of the great ideas. (tell your Mom thanks too!)

  3. This reminded me of coming home from the zoo yesterday, when my 2 1/2 year old held on to me from her slumber in the car seat, sleepily telling me she loves me and giving me a kiss. It IS the little things, and they mean so much! BTW, I love the pictures in your header!

  4. I could have written that post. I have the same nightly routine and I feel the EXACT same way about it. When I sneak in there and take him out of his bed I always think of that sweet book Love You Forever where the mom scoops that sweet sleeping boy up.

  5. I think that we should get double points for doing those hard things when you think you can't do one more thing….because we get double rewards from that hug!

  6. my 14 year old boy crawled into bed with me at 3 am with growing pains – he needed me to massage the pain away – he also is already 4 inches taller than me – but it was such a treasure to be woke up by him again – hold on to the moments – they get fewer and fewer!!

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