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    1. Thank you Amanda~ they are Ecco brand and they’re on sale at Nordstrom right now. Those are both mine that they’re wearing…they need new shoes right now! And I alternate with those ones every single day!

  1. Both girls are so radiant! Just need to take a second to appreciate Lucy’s hair – so long, thick and beautiful! She’s lucky; I would have died for that sort of hair at 13 (is she 14 now??)

  2. Oh golly what beauties! Of course I’m going to have to ask where they are from, especially Claire’s! I love the tradition of dressing up for Easter. Where I live, at least, it really is the first weekend of spring weather and replacing the wool long johns for a brightly coloured dress is such fun!

    1. We got Lucy’s dress at Old Navy, and Claire’s at Nordstrom. It is so fun to have something new to celebrate spring! And also to celebrate that we get to go back to church for both hours starting next week!

  3. Fantastic dresses!
    Would you mind sharing an update on Lucy’s back surgery? It looked incredibly painful and I am so curious about the “after” – does she have pain now? Will she have to have ongoing corrective procedures? Does scoliosis get better (or worse?) over time once the corrective surgery happens? I’m wishing her well!

    1. Good question Annabelle, thank, you for asking and for the well-wishes. That surgery sure helped her a lot and she grew two inches (since that curve was straightened out!) but I do still worry about it. She still unfortunately has quite a bit of back pain and I feel like her back is curving a little again. This time I know it’s not the spine (that rod is keeping it straight), but I’m anxious for her doctor appointment at the end of the month to see what he thinks. It’s definitely so much better than it was and she is very diligent about her physical therapy exercises each night, which I’m sure helps.

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