You know when you go to a museum and they have those big bug displays? You know the ones that have all the preserved bodies of bugs from all over the world, and they go from small tiny ones all the way up to massive ones the size of a small mouse? Well, just try picturing one of those babies in the mid range…about three inches long with antennae about the same length going out in both directions. Then imagine finding not one, but two of them, alive, right near where you’re sleeping. Then try to sleep. You don’t think you could get a lot of sleep? Neither can I. I wish I would have taken a picture of those beauties.

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  1. GROSS! Try putting your sock on to find one of those bad boys wiggling under your TOES!! This didn't happen to me, but I witnessed the screach from my mother while it happened! I now check every pair of socks & shoes before inserting my feet :o)

  2. cReEpY!!! I once had a roach in my hair while I was sleeping! Not a fun way to wake up! Talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed! But two huge bugs yikes! my son would probably think he was dreaming! He loves bugs! What is it with boys we have had lizzards,frogs,crawdads,tomatoe worms,grasshoppers, and ants just to name a few in the last few months at our home!No bugs allowed!

  3. wow shawni- you really do keep up on your journaling here. Your lake pictures are sooo great. My husband says his only material desire he says we MUST get in the future…is a boat. WE LOVE THE LAKE! Looks like a fun busy summer over there.

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