My one and only son passed the sacrament in church for the first time today.

Man, I thought my smile was as big as it could get a couple months ago when I FINALLY got to go and volunteer in his classroom at school after begging and pulling a few strings. (I swear volunteering in classes in 6th grade is as hard as Fort Knox to get into.) I felt like a total goof-ball walking in with such a big smile stretched across my face but I couldn’t help it…especially when I saw that Max’s smile was matching to mine across the room. It felt so great to get to teach his class one last time before he hits Junior High next year.

But today my smile was bigger.

And it was accompanied by a couple tears…especially when all those clean-cut boys lined up right behind our row so reverently, with Max right in the middle (wearing his still-pink-tinged shirt I wrecked in the wash right before he got ordained and I still haven’t had a minute to fix it or get a new one…he did awesome anyway).

I can’t believe he’s so big.

I’d complain and stomp my feet and get on my knees and beg him not to grow up so fast (actually, I’ve tried that), but I have to admit, I like him this way…

…especially when he’s not in mid-tease with his little sisters.

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  1. That smile will only get bigger and more tears will come when he is old enough to bless it. What a blessing it is to be a Mother of Boys

  2. The second of my two sons had his first day passing the sacrament too! This was special as well because he has had type 1 diabetes for 7 years, and has progressed to taking good care of himself now. It was awesome to see him passing the sacrament!

  3. He is such a darling boy. He was at the same bball camp in Prescott as my Tag. He's so handsome! They do grow up so fast. 🙁

  4. Last Sunday was mine's second time.
    The nervous determination–yes, a lumpy throat and tears is what it left me with.
    Time just goes by too quickly–yes?


  5. I'm totally in tears as I picture it all. How I love that boy, and how very grateful I am that he can hold the priesthood. I'm so darn proud of him. How I love to be able to participate with the children through your blog even though I am away. It makes me feel like I an THERE!.

  6. isn't that the best feeling? i love watching cameron & micah pass the sacrament — pokey-up hair and all. 🙂 My brother & family are visiting from Gilbert and they think it's pretty cold compared to home. i think I'd enjoy the heat though.

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