Last week these two got a pretty exciting piece of news:

Carson got accepted from the wait list to a podiatry school in Florida that he had his hopes on.


They had a little less than twenty-four hours to make a pretty gigantic decision. They had been trying to decide between Florida (if they got in) and a possibility in New York (that wouldn’t happen until January), but suddenly this option became a reality and they’ve been spinning their heads ever since. It was interesting to stand back and watch them make that four-year decision. This would stress me out like nobody’s business, and kind of did even as the parent. How do you help married kids make big decisions like this?? Especially when Dave was still out of town (he’s the best at advice) and they only had a small window to figure it out? I learned the answer is that you don’t. Sure, you’re there to help and advise if they ask, help them see different perspectives, but they talked it out so beautifully, prayed about it, and everything just sort of fell into place. They were so calm and collected, so peaceful, and it all felt right to them, so they called and accepted that spot.

…And will pack up and drive across the country to make a home in Miami, Florida in a couple weeks.

Yep, you heard that right, school starts on August 31st.

This timing wasn’t in the original plan. But then, is anything happening in the world right now what was in the original plan pre-corona? We are in a world of question marks and shifting plans so this fits right in. They still have a bunch of stuff in Hawaii that they can’t get to, they don’t have a car or a place to live once they get there, or anything to fill it up once they arrive (that makes it simple though, right?). I don’t think either has ever been to Florida so they are drinking in information as fast as they can, trying to figure out student loans, trying to figure out which way is up right about now, but all with big smiles across their faces.

One thing they do know: this feels so right, and has sure fallen into place in some pretty amazing ways. We are SO excited for these two and the grand adventure that lies ahead.

If anyone has advice about Miami send it right on over…or ideas for a graphic designer job there, Elle would sure love any leads she can get!

Florida is getting some pretty great kids.

And we are gonna miss them like crazy.

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  1. I’m not a native speaker – does podiatry school mean, Carson will be a doctor specialising in feet or a physiotherapist?

    1. Just my own little pet peeve, it’s not a medical doctor, they don’t go through medical school–which is why most people just say podiatry school. They do treat feet. But it’s usually about five years less school than med school (we are in medical school residency and our best friends are in podiatry surgery residency). I just like to throw that out there 🙂

  2. That’s exciting news!! I live along the route that they will likely drive … they can reach out to me if they have any trouble between New Orleans and Tallahassee, I can do roadside rescue, etc. — Gulf Coast Guardian Angel 🙂 I don’t want to post my phone number here, but am happy to share it with you via email if you feel like it would be helpful. So glad to see them moving into adult married life with this exciting adventure!

    1. So sweet, Annie, I did share this info. with them, I think they just took that route yesterday, thankful the hurricane didn’t hit them or I’m sure they would have reached out! xoxo

  3. Super exciting! My sister graduated from podiatry school many years ago. She was in California. She actually served a mission in Florida and loved it so much! They are going to do great.

  4. My husband got accepted to medical
    school the day it started! We lived in Maryland and school was in Philadelphia. We had 2 kids and a house to sell. PLUS he was active duty military at the time so had to resign his commission and leave that evening (since he already missed a day of school). We did it, was it easy no but it was probably the best time of our lives!!

  5. I have family in Boca Raton and they LOVE south Florida; have lived there for years. The beaches are amazing, it’s a very diverse and dynamic part of Florida. They are going to love living there!

  6. Congratulations! They will no doubt have to be very careful to follow the mask and social distancing rules there, FL has lots more restrictions due to the rampant COVID numbers. I wonder, though… if neither has a job yet, how does one qualify to rent an apartment, get utilities turned on, etc.? Don’t they make you fill out something listing your income, and pay a lot in advance? Just wondering, since this is so last minute.

    1. You’re right, LOTS to think about in the job/rent/school department. They’re pretty awesome at figuring things out though, they’ve got this! (Thanks for the explanation below, Kristine.)

  7. Maria, they have been working. That is why they went back to Hawaii. Their future income will in part be covered by student loan which landlords would be familiar with located near a school. I hate to tell you lots of people have to rent a place working a couple part time jobs or free lance. The both finished college. They are both in their 20’s. This is advanced degree. Lots of people move when both spouses don’t have jobs yet. They don’t need mommy and daddy.

  8. I randomly saw Elle’s feed on Instagram and reached out to her last night. (I have read your blog for years but never comment.) I live in Parkland (NW of Ft. Lauderdale) and have been here 11 years. We have loved living in South Florida. So diverse in cultures/religions, and just a really beautiful side of the country. The church is growing down here and we have a temple! Please feel free to reach out if you have any South Florida questions. (I gave Elle a number of a friend who has lived in Miami a long time.)

  9. This is the beginning of a family legend for them! Sounds exciting, for young people. 🙂

    When my first child married, I put post-it notes all over my house and by the phone (cell phones were fairly new then). The notes said KMS. It stands for Keep Mouth Shut. It’s so easy to just say what comes to your mind (as we all do when they are growing up), but it’s a new ballgame. I still have to remind myself, after 22+ years and four married kids. KMS!!

  10. Make sure they investigate the neighborhoods well before settling. As with any big city there are some rough spots. There are also REALLY great spots, things to do, explore, and discover! SO much traffic too, so consider being close to where they need to be most often. Good luck to them and congrats!

  11. Our family if six live just 30 minutes north of Miami and LOVE it! It was a bit of a culture shock at first (coming from Iowa), but the beaches made up for that. Plus, these two seem so open to adventure that they will love navigating the diverse sights and sounds of SoFlo.

  12. My brother and his wife moved to Miami a few years ago for my brother to do a Masters of Tax program at university of Miami, and they are still there! They now have a 15 month old, but they live literally across the street from the beach, and have really enjoyed their time there (my brother also graduated from BYU Hawaii). If Elle & Carson have any questions about where to live (or wards), or anything at all, Id be happy to put them in contact with each other.
    What a fun adventure for them! My husband did dental school in AZ, and it was away from both our families, and it was such a fun time. We both grew a lot, and learned a lot about ourselves as a couple :).

    1. Thank you for your willingness to help them connect! I forwarded this message to Elle so I’ll let her take it from there!

  13. So awesome, what an adventure! Exciting times:) We’ve only ever visited the panhandle beaches, so no advice here:) I’ll say, about being the parents of married kids, it’s especially hard to not say anything when the other parents (his) say a lot! HA!

  14. So excited for them!!! Right after ben and I got married he moved to Florida with me (I had been there for 4 years). It was the best thing for us as a family. To be totally on our own making our own traditions and relying on each other. We had no family anywhere near us. Love love love south Florida!!! They are going to have such a great adventure!

    1. I forgot your were in Florida, Ashley! I do so agree it’s so great to be on your own post marriage and start your own new life together, I’m so excited for them!

  15. Pure curiosity—I for some reason thought Carson wasn’t quite done with undergrad & had an additional year. What an adventure! Miami is a fun place for them to stretch their wings. Stay safe there!

    1. Great question. Carson does have one more semester of undergrad. He’s been able to figure out how to finish up those online (since classes are online anyway for BYUH), but he’s going to have a lot on his plate this semester!

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