January is a full birthday month around here.

This is how Lu feels about the fact that it’s not her birthday:Oh I kid about that. She’s actually quite delighted about any birthday that comes around…I just like that picture of her holding her balloon (and her cheek) waiting patiently for all the fun to break out.

Last weekend it was my brother’s birthday. He is one amazing guy and feel like he is pretty much part of our family. The kids had the idea to all get out of school and surprise Josh by taking lunch to him at his school.

I love taking my kids out of school. I love watching them come down the hall to greet me…coming from their world to mine with smiles stretched across their faces.

I also love watching my brother in his element…in his school.
I have never seen a teacher quite as adored as my brother is.
Lucy fit right in for the birthday song.
(She has graduated to a new “purse” for her “guys” there on her desk…one of my old ones. It looks so humongo hanging on her shoulder.)

We went to see Narnia (loved it by the way) and had cake and ice cream too.
Elle masterfully frosted this cake after Lucy had her way with it when no one was looking…
Josh always has a computer or gadget around. He’s always showing us the best new apps or games. He’s always tutoring me on Lightroom and helping me organize my life with electronics.I’m so thankful for that boy.

Next up on the birthday list is Miss Claire.

She has an extra special birthday this year because she’s turning seven.

And did you know that the seventh year of your life you get to have three parties?? (At least that’s what happens when your mother has to be out of town on your actual birthday and is sick to her stomach about missing it.) So far she has had her friend birthday hoopla (on Monday), today is her “mom birthday” (where I get to take her to lunch and I make her a special breakfast and dinner), and then her “dad birthday” on her real birthday (on Friday) where who knows what kinds of crazy celebrations will break out.

Then next week someone else I know is going to be turning even older…

Yep, we are deeply entrenched in birthdays around here.

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  1. Just had to drop a note totally off-subject. (But Happy Birthday to Claire!) I've followed your blog for a bit and in fact as one of my New Year's resolutions to start a blog mentioned your blog in my first post as one of my inspirations. Anyway, had to tell you that in pictures of Lucy I noticed her super blue eyes while it looks like everyone else has brown. My husband and I both have brown eyes (and hair) and two of my three boys have brown eyes and hair. My middle son has blond hair and blue eyes. My pediatrician who LOVES genetic related medicine comments each time she sees him that the chances of two brown-eyed parents producing a blue eye child is nearly astronomical. Makes me feel like he MUST absolutely be meant to be on this earth as the chances of him not being here is millions to one. You probably feel the same about Lu.

  2. okay so this is the same creepy person!! The blog post that has that picture of my YW leader is entitled Lunch!! She is in the middle with short black hair and glasses. Promise she is so gorgeous and has a heart of gold! Love her times a billion! 🙂 Also I know a couple of your Blogger friends, Cherstyn Stockwell and Natalie Carver! Good times!

  3. You put into words my thoughts. This is exactly how I feel when I get my kids out of school early:

    "I love watching them come down the hall to greet me…coming from their world to mine with smiles stretched across their faces"

  4. Hi,
    I think Josh served in my ward (Bracknell ward Reading stake) while he was on his mission.

    I was really excited when I knew he was serving in Bracknell as I'd been a huge fan of the Eyres since before I joined the church.

    Happy Belated birthdays to Josh & Claire:)

  5. Man I'm so glad that you guys are there to take care of Josh. He is such a great guy and we miss not seeing him on his birthday. So thanks for the TLC and for making us feel that we were almost there!

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