Seriously, anything with that many “bliss”es in the name has got to be pretty good.

This is the store where I teach my classes when I get my act together enough to do it…which is sadly not very much lately.

I can’t get my act together because I have my fingers in so many different projects and I have so many things I’m worrying about that my mind can’t keep them straight. I know that’s what happens to Moms all over the world, but seriously, I’ve got to get a grip! I’ll start out to do one really important thing, then I’ll notice another really important thing on the way, so I’ll stop and start on that, and then someone will call, and then it will prompt me to finish another really important thing I started the day before, and then Lucy is stinky, and someone needs to be picked up somewhere, and someone else is in tears, and someone else is yelling for attention as I notice out the corner of my eye that someone else is doing something very good and needs to be praised…you get the idea.

So I end up running around in circles as my heart is racing to remember to all the to-dos, and all the while my mind is racing to figure out solutions to kids’ emotional needs. Yes, I have lists. Yes, I have a calendar plum-full of stuff that needs to be done and phone numbers to call. I have goals and plans of how to slow down and “be still.” But my plans are in vain. I can’t keep up.

I forgot to drive the soccer carpool last week…yeah, eight girls sat home waiting for me to pick them up. And then my friend had to remind me where Dave was (golfing with his in-town Dad) when I was worried sick that something happened to him on his usual early morning run when he didn’t turn up for family scriptures.

But, once again, I digress. Let me focus here. This is going to be one heck of a party this weekend. Click on these images below to see more of the small-print detail.One thing I know will attract a bunch of people is that Stephanie and Christian Nielsen will be there (Nie Nie Dialogues), and anyone who knows their story knows is automatically in awe of their strength and perseverance. They are such an inspiration.

There will also be tons of other vendors…check them out here or check the main Blissful Living blog here.

Anyway, just FYI…it’s going to be quite a weekend!

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  1. I feel like I might have a titch of A.D.D the past couple of weeks. So when I read this post it made me realize again that the demands of Motherhood would make any human's head spin. I gave myself permission yesterday and took a nap with the girls. We were all out for 3 blissful hours.

  2. I just found your blog from your comment on the Domestic Bliss blog. I live in Mesa and have never been to Domestic Bliss (don't know how I missed it). I'm planning on going to Blissfest tomorrow! I think I deserve it, after my Halloween week, as well.

    I love your photography! (It really makes me want some more lenses for my camera!) And your family is beautiful!

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