It’s the last day of school. It was so weird to drive home from Costco today and see the hoards of kids walking home wearing backpacks chock full of all kinds of paraphernalia from the year and beaming with that glee that comes when you realize…”It’s SUMMER!” The only damper on the day is that after being over 100 degrees all week it’s now pouring rain and pretty cold today. Did the kids let that get in the way of the swim parties they had planned? No way. So as the boys swim out in the pouring rain, Lucy sleeps, and a bunch of the girls are toilet papering their friends’ house (note: I know nothing about that), I figure I better get caught up on posting recent photo shoots.

Man I love getting to know these people and trying to think up new and creative ways to capture their moments. This was such a gorgeous family…six kids and one great in-law.

I made them do a few jumping shots (gotta love those):Then I got to take pictures of the family who actually owns “my studio.” They are so great to let me use their beautiful home and disrupt their afternoons all the time. I knew they were photogenic before I even started taking pictures, but even then they wowed me with the way the camera takes to them.Then of course there are the twins. Oh boy I love taking pictures of these girls. Every few months I get to capture their development and I love it. They are such great babies, except one of them decided the photo shoot would be a great time to cry inconsolably. Poor girl. Can you guess which one it was? Luckily we kind of lucked out and caught her happy moments.

I snuck in one photo shoot while I was in Utah for my brother’s wedding. I cannot believe how gorgeous it is up there (after it stopped snowing). Couldn’t resist having thousands of flowers as the backdrop. This family has three-year-old TRIPLETS. Was it tough to get them all looking the right way at the right time? Yes. Were all three of us adults up for the challenge? Yes. These parents are so amazing and patient and loving with these kids. They’ve got their hands full and they handle it so well.

I love this one:I thought it was funny because half way through our photo shoot I looked at that Dad and thought, he has GOT to be related to one of our friends from college, he looked so much like him. Sure enough, he’s his brother. It is such a small world. (I just met them through the blog…didn’t know we had any connections.) Ok, gotta run supervise everyone getting drenched in the rain, and I’m sure anyone reading this has carpel tunnel in their fingers from trying to maneuver the mouse through all these pictures. More later.

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  1. Shawn, I can’t believe you got them to do the jumping shot so well, since whenever you try to jump in pictures it looks like you’re stuck to the ground….
    That is some pretty amazing photography.

  2. These are beautiful pictures and I am pretty convinced that you are wonder woman and secretly save lives at night too. How do you balance it all? Umm…. I need to find out where that one family found those brown dresses. They are the most darling things I have seen!

  3. Thanks again Shawni. The pictures are SO beautiful and we had so much fun! You were so patient with all my little helpers!


  4. Shawni, Your pictures are adorable. The color is always so rich. How do you find time for this?
    About your post “Enough already” I can totally relate to how you feel. I feel like my kids are over scheduled all year long, so when summer comes we take it off. We do nothing, which end up being alot with family reunions, trips, ect…

  5. Oh man! I love the Barlow shots! Aren’t they awesome? Remind me some time to tell you all about them. They were some of my first friends in this ward (first time to family ward)… great story!

    Great GREAT photos Shawni!

    I’m off…

  6. Gorgeous. All those pictures are gorgeous. Funny that you mentioned your studio, because as I’ve looked through your pictures I wondered if that was your front door. It’s perfect. My sister just had a photoshoot with someone out there and she took them to a development called The Pecans. It was a beautiful location for pictures. Anyway, just thought I’d share, but I’m sure you have all the best local photo spots scouted out already. But really, you are fabulous at what you do.

  7. You keep posting these awesome photos and people are not going to leave you alone. They turned out so great! How funny that you shot Chris Barlows brother. I could tell he was a Barlow right away!
    P.S. tell Ellie we are still cleaning up t.p. perfect timing right when it decided to downpour. Blake joined them though and they hit several other friends houses. Aren’t friends great?

  8. You do amazing work! All the photos are beautiful! How fun, because we know the first family you posted photos of (the F family). They’re so fun, and you did a great job capturing them!

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