I wrote about our “pre-reunion” Bear Lake back HERE.

But let’s talk about the real-deal reunion because it is almost October after all.
I’m hoping what I write will help spur some idea sharing on reunions since Dave and I are in charge next year and I want to have some good notes while all this reunion hoopla is fresh in my mind.
I’ll get to the actual reunion next week but for today let’s just talk about the one last pre-reunion thing we did before the opening ceremonies as we waited for the last stragglers to arrive:
A trip to Bloomington Lake:

 Because really, who can turn down that beauty?

 This is the closest Tal and Anita were going to get to Swiss beauty around here:

I was so grateful for my Dad who held frustrated Lucy’s hand through the relatively easy hike to get up to the main lake.

Hiking is getting harder for her because her contrast recognition is off, making it difficult to tell where the rocks are and when to step up or down.

Hurts my heart but also makes me so proud of her and the people around her who help her experience things like this despite her deteriorating vision.

When we arrived at the rope swing it was PACKED.

I guess everyone in the area had the same idea we did.

When we arrived Claire was already on the rope.

Yeah Claire!  She had been too nervous to do that thing last year so her smile was extra bright when she triumphantly emerged from that ice cold water.

Grace loved taking the plunge along with most of the rest of the cousins too.
It looks like I had to contemplate whether I wanted to join them for a bit…

But of course I did.

I mean, who doesn’t like a little adrenaline rush on a gorgeous summer day?

And I have to include this pic. because that hair my niece has…
I want it.
Ok, so now that we’ve seen all that beauty, time to run a bunch of errands to get ready for two big things this weekend:
1) My baby will join the rest of us in the “double-digit” category since she’s turning 10. How is that possible??  She is planning out her birthday tradition of camping…we’ll see how that all turns out.
2) General Conference.  I am always excited when General Conference comes around, but this time I’m especially excited. 
No real reason, I just am.
The Women’s Conference was last weekend and I watched with all my girls snuggled close, even Elle, so that was pretty great.  To listen click HERE.
If you want to tune in on Saturday and Sunday this weekend it will be broadcast on the Internet through mormon.org
Lots of ideas to prepare over HERE.
And ideas to help kids listen HERE.

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