We think it’s awesome that we have one blue-eyed person in our family.

Well, these guys put us to shame. They all have these gorgeous piercing blue eyes.

It was so fun to take their pictures because:

1) they are our good friends and we love them

2) we got to go up to their cabin with them to do it

3) look at them…who wouldn’t want to take their pictures?

 id=This is one of my favorite pictures. I wish I had one or my family like this…

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  1. We have two blue eyed in our family…having brown eyes myself I never dreamed I would have a blue eyed baby…he often wishes his were brown like his brothers…one day he will be beating the girls off with a stick!

    Love it!


  2. Shawni, I just LOVE your pictures!! If ever you come to CA, I want a photoshoot of my family. You are just so amazing with a camera. I still need to come to a class to learn from you. Seriously though, I could line you up for an ENTIRE week if ever you came to my neck of the woods. Think it over. 🙂 Darcy

  3. Shawni, your blog is just inspiring. I loved reading through some of your posts, and you really know how to capture magic with your camera. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Shawni, hopefully this isn’t too weird. I am Teddy Cannons sister-in-law and Tom Bunnell’s sister. I think you may know of both of them. Anyway, I found your blog from Teddys and fell in love with your photography. I am just getting into and want to buy a good lens for portraits, family/individual. It looks like you are busy but if you have a minute would you mind just letting me know what lens you use for your pictures. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
    Jenny Bunnell Cannon

  5. Okay I LOVE the Williams! Diana looks AMAAAZING. I hope you can talk her into starting a blog! I know them b/c before I was married I worked for Noel. And now, we run into them probably 4 times a year on weekends out to dinner. SHE NEEDS A BLOG!! What a fun family to shoot. BEAUTIFUL.

  6. Girl…if you ever venture back to DC would you take a picture of our family??? Your pictures are AMAZING…I just took a look at them again and your subjects always look like movie stars!!


  7. It is no wonder I keep coming back to this blog. You take such beautiful pictures. I am amazed. I love the family walking. I would love to get a family picture like that only one would be running diagonal, one would be tripping, and one would be doing bunny ears behind the others head. Good job…you’ve got and awesome talent. I love the pics you post of your little Lucy…she is adorable!

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