Marcie is the winner of A Mother’s Book of Secrets!

Your blog inspires me everyday…
I can’t imagine how much your
book will do for me!
Thanks for the offer…
Keep up the great inspiration πŸ˜‰

And no, I didn’t choose this person because she wrote such a nice note (although I sure do appreciate that)…I was actually proud of myself because I figured out how the heck to choose the winner from Congratulations, Marcie! Send me your address (sepphotography at gmail dot com) and I’ll send your book right away.

Thanks so much for the great response from everyone else too…I wish I could just send out a whole slew of books, but remember you can get yourself a copy just a few clicks away here.

Kristy of SoSoBella Designs has generously offered to give away one of her beautiful initial necklaces (like the one she made for Lucy) in honor of Mother’s Day.
The lucky winner will be able to request the initial and the color of little gem to add.

So go ahead and enter to win and I’ll announce the winner tomorrow.

I have never been a give-away kind of girl, but this is kinda fun!

Love, Shawni


  1. I just bought one of her necklaces for my daughter and she LOVES it. She has not taken it off yet. I could use one more for my other daughter.

  2. I can see a darling letter "A" for my daughter Anika. There is something about monograms that I just love!

  3. I love that you connecting with this whole giveaway thing – I just love entering. Makes me feel like I did something amazing! I love the initial neckalaces!

  4. I love that necklace! You have such a way of writing that inspires me to be a better mother everyday. Thanks for letting me into your "life."

  5. I've been thinking about buying one of these for the sweet girl who will become my daughter this summer… but it sure would be fun to win one instead! πŸ™‚

  6. My 19 month old daughter had a seizure last night. We won't be celebrating mothers day much this year so to win this necklace would be great

  7. She does such a good job on those necklaces. Thanks for the chance to win!! I don't have a daughter to adorn this sweet necklace with, and it certainly wouldn't go well on either of my sons (I'm not into jewelry for boys or men), but I have a neck that would like to hang something purdy! =)

  8. ohhh how adorable! I ordered my mom and mother in law cute necklaces with their childrens names on them and i cant wait for them to see them on mothers day! It would be fun to have a cute necklace for myself as well!

  9. Big Congrats to Marcie!

    Careful, giveaways are addicting πŸ™‚ Love doing giveaways, and it's always so hard picking the winner!! πŸ™‚ What a lovely necklace πŸ™‚

  10. So cute! I've always wanted to get something like this for my oldest daughter!

    Love your book by the way! I've given at least ten to friends and family!Don't worry, I kept one for myself!!!

  11. I keep meaning to get one for my daughters. They're beautiful! Maybe I can win one and then buy 2 more πŸ™‚

  12. I love little things like this 'for the girls'. I have one daughter and one on the way and 4 boys. I would love to have this for my daughter (then get another for the new baby).
    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  13. Those are beautiful, thanks for the giveaway and thanks for all the inspiration and hope you share through this site.

  14. what a cute necklace! I would love to have one. πŸ™‚

    thanks for sharing your insights and experiences, on your blog. It's one of my favorites.

  15. Thankyou! I am so excited. I am just like you, but reversed. Four boys and one girl. This would be perfect for her. If I don't win I might just have to buy one anyway.

  16. I love this necklace! I would love to give it to my daughter–she would be thrilled to have a "big girl" necklace that's so pretty! Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Cute!

    I would pick the initial "C" as that is the initial of our family name plus the initial of all 6 of my kids.

    And yes…..I never thought in the beginning how difficult it would be for my brain and my tongue to figure it out when calling one of them in a hurry….I end up stuttering out all of their names or a mixture of all of them. And I am not the only one. ; D

  18. That necklace is so sweet – my girl would adore it. My friend Lori went to Israel with your sister and she led me to your blog a few months ago. Over the years she would talk about this wise Eyre family and all the books and advice she's read. She doesn't even blog, but she does look at yours and is amazed at all you do. I have to agree with her. Love your thoughts and ideas – Thx!

  19. Oh the necklace would be perfect for my little girl who will be 8 soon! She is a girly girl and loves anything with her name on it!!

  20. OOO! I did the initial necklaces for my girls…before Lyndee was born. She never got one! I hope I win!!! YaY!
    ps… I just bought your book. I LOVE it. It is full with so much wonderful advice. Thank you.

  21. Giveaways are so much fun! I love reading your blog-it inspires me to seek out the best parts of mothering. Thanks for the inspiration, and the delight of a giveaway. Hope you have a fabulous Mother's Day!

  22. Fun giveaways! I have a little girl but would it be too selfish if I kept the necklace for myself if I won? πŸ™‚ It's so cute I can't resist!

  23. Wow! Nothing like a giveway to bring out the comments. :0) Sure love those necklaces, but even more I appreciate your inspirations. Thanks.

  24. OH wow, I would love one of those awesome necklaces. Love your blog, Love you, Love your whole stink'n family. Thanks for your insights and humor.

  25. Shawni, I just want you to know that I read your post everyday. The love you have for your family is undeniable! I too have a "special needs" child. He is now undergoing his 5th year of chemo treatments. He has relapsed for the 2nd time with Leukemia. Your words of wisdom sometimes helps me snap out of being so "blue" all the time and brings me back to the real world. I have 2 daughters that are the world to me also. I will be buying the book soon and the necklace is beautful! Keep up the inspiring words.

  26. Wow, these giveaways really bring us all out of the woodwork! πŸ˜‰ I'd love to win; they are gorgeous necklaces. You all are such talented ladies!

  27. Shawni you really are so inspirational. I want to see more of your "systems" and schedules of how you accomplish so much in one day.


  28. What a treat! Thanks for doing this – even if I don't win, some little girl will look very cute with that necklace!

  29. I stepped away from blogs for a few days and look what I missed!
    That necklace is adorable. Love the little bead.
    And now that I am commenting, can I just tell you how AMAZING your photography is and how much fun it is to read your blog! You do a great job of capturing the joys of life without making it sound sugar coated. Puts a smile on my face each and every time you post!
    MegJill@ he4rken at yahoo dot com.

  30. I, along with many other mothers, have seen many photos of your girls wearing their intital necklaces.

    You probably never thought much about the statement those necklaces made…until you started getting requests for information!

    Add my name to the list of mom's who would love one for a daughter.

  31. i check in on your blog whenever my mothering tank is empty. your words always reinvigorate me, thank you for sharing so freely your thoughts & ideas on raising a family.

  32. Shawni I love those necklaces!!! and would love to win:) love your blog and all your thoughts and inspiration! thank you so much!

  33. The necklace is quite nice, I love the charm factor! My only daughter would love one, she loves anything girly to combat the three brothers dominance.

  34. Sigh. Guess it's time for my semi-annual comment. I love your blog find that there is a lot about you I admire. Thanks.

  35. Oooh, that necklace would be fun!

    And by the way, I am on my second read-through of "A Mother's book of Secrets," Shawni.

    It's funny because I read "Teaching Children Joy" three times after I discovered it in college for a marriage and family class (my minor). That was long before I had children, mind you.

    It is so great to read another great Eyre book and have the next generation in there too!

  36. Great necklace! And I absolutely love your book by the way. Thanks Shawni for inspiring me to be a better wife and mother.

  37. Oh WOW!!! I would love one πŸ™‚ Don't have any daughters so it would be for me….is that selfish? I ordered your mom and dad's book!!! YAY!!! Thanks again….and thanks for the opportunity to win this precious necklace!

  38. My daughter would LOVE one of these necklaces. Thank you for the opportunity. I love your blog/photography…beautiful and inspiring!

  39. Such a fun necklace. I'll have to do if I win to decide which daughter to give it to, or sister, or sister in law. Thanks for the opportunity!

  40. Love the necklace and love your blog even more! Thanks for the daily inspiration. You truly impact my family!

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